Deus Finance’s Stablecoin DEI Was Hacked, Token Price Drop More Than 30%

  • Deus Finance’s stablecoin DEI has been hacked on the Arbitrum network.
  • The stablecoin has been hacked before.
  • A core implementation error in the token contract is a bug in the code of the token contract that affects the functionality or security of the contract.

The DEI token has already been hacked and has already lost its $1 peg. The token was recently pegged at $0.3 and lost that peg during the assault. The cause of the attack was discovered to be a fundamental technical issue in the token contract. The stablecoin is currently trading at $0.2 at the time of writing.

The project is also now calling for the community’s help to overcome the consequences. Currently, the DUES token has dropped more than 33% after the above news.