Design Contest Site on the APTOS ecossystem

Hello community. Since I’ve been participating on freelance design contests since 2007 and I’m loving the web 3 environment so it would be great to have a website on this amazing APTOS ecossystem for it!! Where logos, NFTs or any other design tasks could be created and people would compete for APT prizes! Just one remark, blind contests would be the rule to avoid problems :slight_smile: I’m not a coder so that part is out of my experience, but I can provide support or conselling to any brave sould that would like to go for it. Best to all!


Aptos community members are happy with what aptos is offering


Thanks very much for letting me know your thoughts. So that means this already exists on the community or that you think that other members of Aptos don’t feel the need for graphical work using their assets? Wish you a great evening and thanks for your effort on elaborating a bit further.

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Hope I can understand the feeling of the community about my idea. Don’t be shy-just give me your sincere 2 cents on this even if you’re not fa,iliarized with the design contest environment. Wish all a great weekend as well!

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