Deploying smart contracts used to be a developer-exclusive 🤫

Exciting Update:

Potential Airdrops from Two Major Projects - ZkSync and Starknet! :flight_departure:

Starknet => Read the previous post for all the details

Let’s kick off with ZkSync! :star2:
Deploying smart contracts used to be a developer-exclusive task, but not anymore! This interaction could propel you to the TOP! :1st_place_medal:

No coding skills needed. :rocket:

Here’s how to get started:

1 Make sure you have some ETH on ZkSync. Head over to and bridge your ETH to ZkSync.
2 Go to zkSync Era: RPC and Chain Settings | thirdweb Connect your wallet.
3 Set up a wallet on the zkSync Era network.
4 Select “Token”.

5 Click “Deploy Now”.

6 Configure and mint tokens.
7 Enter the token settings.
8 Click “Deploy Now”.


9 Open the “Token Tab”.

10 Click “Mint”.

11 Enter the quantity and click “Mint Tokens”.

Now, let’s test the contract’s functions:

1 Click “Burn”.
2 Enter the quantity and burn the tokens.

3 Press “Airdrop”.
4 Load addresses and send out tokens.
5 Click “Transfer”.
6 Enter the address and quantity, and send tokens.

Curious about exploring the contract via the explorer? :man_detective:

:one: In the Dashboard, click on “zkSync Era Block Explorer”.

:two: Go to the “Contract” tab, then select “Write as Proxy”.

:three: Use any function

Get ready to unlock new possibilities with ZkSync! Stay tuned for more updates :rocket:


starknet update

Deploying smart contracts - This interaction could propel you to the TOP! :1st_place_medal:

Here’s how to get started:

For Starknet, ensure you have either a Bravos or Argent X wallet with some ETH ready.

Here’s a step-by-step guide:

1 Go to Remix: Remix - Ethereum IDE
2 Click on the cable icon in the left corner.
3 Enter “Starknet”.
4 Click “Activate”.

Next up, let’s explore a contract example:

1 Go to: Counter contract example - Starknet by Example
2 Find the Counter contract example.
3 Click “Remix”.

Continue with Wallet selection:

1 Choose your wallet.

2 Click “Compile”.

3 Connect your Braavos wallet.
4 Accept all and click “Next”.

Lastly, let’s deploy:

1 Click “Deploy”.

2 Confirm it in your wallet.


Get ready to experience the power of Starknet! :flying_saucer:

Stay tuned for more exciting updates. Starknet :dizzy:


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