Deploy coin error by apots move publish

I try to deploy a coin, but the error occurs.

MacBook-Pro dog_coin % aptos move compile --named-addresses DogCoin=f3fe8fd8c019861be91103d2a9104c5a522fd76943c07e79e6c32fd519524ba8 --save-metadata

  "Result": [
jianli.rao@Jianli-Raos-MacBook-Pro dog_coin % aptos move publish --named-addresses DogCoin=default
package size 880 bytes
Estimated gas price is currently 1, do you want to execute a transaction for a total of 50000 coins? [yes/no] >
  "Error": "API error: Unknown error transaction execution failed: Move abort in 0x1::code: EMODULE_MISSING(0x4): Cannot delete a module that was published in the same package"