Delta Money - Leveraged Defi products built natively on Aptos

Hi from Delta Money! :arrow_up_small:

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Telegram Link - Telegram: Contact @deltamoneyofficial

What is Delta Money? :arrow_up_small:

Delta Money is a leveraged yield optimizer built natively on Aptos. We help users generate yield using various vault strategies and structured products. Delta Money is a suite of Defi products to earn and grow yield.

Roadmap :arrow_up_small:

This is a work in progress but over the next year:

  1. Delta Vaults - Core to the product. Not locked, unstake anytime. Autocompound LP rewards. Expanding liquidity across Aptos ecosystem. :rocket:
  2. Delta Strategies - #Realyield strategies leveraging emissions. Either single sided and boosted or split strategies deploying capital into multiple vaults.

Further product updates:

Delta Neutral vaults (when derivatives strategies/protocols are robust enough on Aptos)
Structured Products

Current Progression :arrow_up_small:

We’re currently building basic strategies and front end UI which we hope to have live by mid September. We’ll be dropping updates in this thread as we make them.

We’re looking for early alpha testers around the same time. Please follow us on Twitter for more information.

Team :arrow_up_small:

Oliver0X - Our CTO, an experienced dev with multiple years of blockchain experience. Previous contributor and builder to multiple SOL projects.

Artemis - Former tradefi, transitioned to crypto early 2019. Building strategies and helping operations.

Marketing? - > we’re looking for help if anyone is interested.

That’s it fellow Aptos peeps. We’re not ones for long descriptions. Follow along and feel free to DM our twitter account if you’d like to collab.


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the name of the project, we appreciate this project to be a useful project for everyone and we hope that in the future the project will bring a very big change for the community.

Thank you for this information! :+1: