DefiCity - A Cross-Chain Play to Earn Project that is genuinely fun and addicting gaming ecosystem that functions on the APTOS and Algorand Blockchain

  • Defi City Ecosystem
  • This is a play-to-earn project that’ll likely be one of the first functional ones in the APTOS community.
  • Planning on utilizing APTOS for withdrawals, deposits, and creating a functional ingame economy - really going to be prioritizing growth after the game’s initial release which is expected this month/next month.
  • I’m going to be using rather complex security programs alongside really going all-out with pentesters to really fortitude the project against any potential attacks, including, but not limited to: DDos, endpoint exploits, Cross-Site Scripting, SQL injection, CSRF injection and insufficient transport layer weaknesses.
  • Key Risks and challenges will very likely include getting our hands on a big initial playerbase alongside a genuinely low learning curve for new users. Which is why I plan on making the game slightly similar to other popular games in order to really decrease the amount of users that might find it hard or overtly difficult to get into regularly playing the game. Not to mention that we’re paying these players which means that I’ve also got to really control the spending as the playerbase grows. Do keep in mind that we do profit, so it’s all good. But my current plan is optimized for a rather mid-sized community of roughly 50,000 concurrent monthly players which shouldn’t be too hard to attain considering most crypto project end up reaching something way far above and beyond this hallmark. P.S I’m in a unique position in which I can advertise to more than just the APTOS community which really sets this project up for success since our potential playerbase is twice to 3 times as large as some projects on these niche blockchains.

Hello everyone.
I’m a somewhat successful developer originating from the platform roblox (User: DogeeROBL0X, Nickname: Pizzaman) with several million game visits under my belt;

I’ve accumulated roughly several million robux in the past several months which translates to ~$5,000 USD in which most of it I’ve Invested into this project.

Most of this money has not been spent, I’m doing my best to stretch out my finances and spend it only when I absolutely have to, as 5k usd is considered relatively little for a project in the world of cryptocurrency.

Which is also why I’ve began to learn to code as a prerequisite to this project, not to mention also having to learn UI design, blockchain/web3 development, and python in order to properly code smart contracts on the APTOS and Algorand chain.

Roblox has opened up this opportunity for me to branch out from the extremely limited and restricted industry for children into the brighter world of crypto, and make use of my game making skills and apply it onto a bigger world. Specifically, the world of Crypto.

I’ve taken it upon myself to create a new gaming project on this specific chain after looking at all the current projects and realizing just how sub-par they are when compared to other chains. Most of these projects on the APTOS chain are done lazily and not to an extent which competes with the other games on other chains. The projects which are somewhat good are all either blocked by a huge investment barrier or are under development, and will still likely turn out to be horrible in one way or another, littered with NFTs and irresponsible developers looking to make as much as they can. I’m not a huge proponent for short-term cashgrabs that die down after a year. Which is also part of the reason I had chosen to name this project “Defi City”. A rare project name that has been used multiple times on many projects across other chains that currently occupy google results and just stay there, being completely useless. I’m here to change that and create a game worth your while.

This play to earn project will have multiple game modes, with the first game mode being a simplistic pvp game, in which the 1st and 2nd place in each match will get a reward paid out in $ICE to their in-game user wallet in which they can then withdraw to their APTOS or Algorand address assuming they’ve opted into the asset; if not, they’ll be prompted with an app opt-in call before the transaction occurs.

This game mode allows users to battle with each other using bubbles that gain and lose health depending on how many times they collide with one another. Each bubble represents a user, making the game incredibly competitive and engaging. Every player must aim not to be hit by the other players until they have enough health, which is gained through collecting static ‘boosts’ that randomly spawn in throughout the game. (They’re tiny little diamonds that appear while you play.)

The 2nd game mode we have planned for release after the introduction of the first one is very similar to the viral game called “among us” - but with guns and bubbles. The imposter is the only player in-game that has a gun and is able to shoot someone with the addition of a loud bang after every shot that is going to ring throughout the map, alerting all the players to try and figure out who the imposter is. The risk of attempting to shoot someone is mostly a risk due to the fact that the imposter can actually miss their shot - and they’ve only got 1 bullet for every 30 seconds that passes by in the game. Meaning that if the game goes on for 2 minutes, they’ve got 4 bullets they can use simultaneously, making room for sprees and extra $ICE earnings for the imposter. Each game will last 3 and a half minutes (210 seconds). I’ve chosen to add this game mode to create a choice for new players, creating less of a barrier to entry and a higher conversion rate for newbies.

What sets this game apart from others on the market is the addition of in-game skins. These skins can be collected and traded within the game, giving users special benefits and advantages that can help them rise to the top of the leaderboard. But don’t worry - this game is not pay-to-win. Instead, the NFTs are designed to be “invest to win,” meaning that by investing in these skins, users can gain special benefits that help them in the game, not to mention increasing skin costs over time as the project grows, meaning that the individuals that do end up investing into skins, will not only get in-game benefits, but will also likely be able to re-sell these skins for a higher price at a later date

These benefits are not limited to just one user. Instead, they are designed to benefit everyone playing the game, making it a fair and balanced playing field for all.

So how does the game work? Essentially, users will control their own bubble within the game, using it to collide with other bubbles and take them out. But be careful - each collision will cause your bubble to lose health, so strategic gameplay is key. Each game will pay out (roughly) 3,000 ICE (subject to change as token price fluctuates), meaning that you can potentially make an income just playing the game in lower income countries. Each singular game lasts around 15-60 seconds depending on how the players interact with one another and how aggressive they are in their playstyle.

All earnings do vary depending on how long a user plays, how much ICE they’ve spent on NFTs, Skins, Stocks, and the amount of “power” they’ve got in the community.

Power refers to how many skins a user holds in their inventory. It’s usually down to the biggest skin holder in each skin class to create a discord server and entice individuals that already have the skin to participate in matches every single day to bump up the daily ranking for that specific skin. Resulting in a bigger distribution of the daily prize to that specific class of skin. The amount of skins in circulation also matter largely. For example, a skin with 10 skins in circulation compared to a skin with 500 in circ will have a larger distribution of the prize per skin. 100,000 ICE is the daily amount that will be distributed daily to all the skins combined. Let’s assume that these 2 skins are the only 2 classes that currently exist, and that these 2 skin classes are completely tied in terms of how much of the pot they’re getting (50% each).
10 skins have to share 50,000 ICE
500 skins have to share 100,000 ICE
See where I’m going with this?

That’s how the skin economy will work.

Not to mention a virtual stock market that has already been developed, and can be found at - this is not currently tradeable and will hold certain special benefits depending on what stock users decide to invest into. The algorithms on these stocks are based off of real life industries and their performances based off of their own respective ETFs meaning that nobody can ever manipulate or cheat the virtual stock market, making it literally impossible to exploit the game in that aspect of the game.

There’ll be skins in-game that contribute to the total pool of ICE that get distributed at the end of each week. At the beginning, this pool will be roughly 2,000,000 ICE (varies). This pool refreshes each week and will eventually be set to every day at roughly 190,000 (varies) ICE a day in the distant future when we get to experience a higher token price and a bigger player-base.

We currently only have 1 token listing which is on the Algorand chain, and are working to get a token listing on the APTOS chain as soon as possible.

So if you’re looking for a fun and engaging new game to play, look no further than DefiCity!
This game is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end.

So, tune in today and see just how well this project goes.

P.S we’d love to have more people participate in the liquidity pool to further promote our project, and for redditors to hit us up. ( Linktree for our main links )

I’m curious to see what you guys think.

Founder of the Defi City Ecosystem.