Dear Aptos Team

My name is Zedd,

Riiix.eth#7568 on discord
zeerix on Aptos Community Website.

Honestly, let me just start by saying I’m just disappointed in this company, I was literally the first 500 in their discord, I helped with feedbacks and testnet, I’m a strong believer in your ecosystem and I believe you have potential and strong team,

If the dev-net and test-net weren’t important, why do you make us do it ?
Who looks at their verification email?
you can do everything without verification, they should make the verification mandatory in the profile section in your website.

Connected discord, but that didn’t matter,
even Zero NFT minters didn’t get airdrops.

We demand answers, this is not a way to treat your community. web3 won’t stand for that!
Who makes email verifcation but profile works on website without verification, what is this a game ? a joke? seriously what did you think when you made this decision?

Why do you make the airdrop eligibility based on verification on email ?
How is that related to your ecosystem and the success of the company or the token itself ? or even web3 ?
it’s irrelevant

That’s all I had to say.


Don’t worry next time better luck


Hi, thanks for your reply.
but there won’t be a next time, they said there won’t be any airdrops.


Xeerix hope for the best👍


I think this may have been a measure to evade bots. Unfortunately it didn’t work out for everyone. I understand your frustration. The bright side is the team has announced that there will be future airdrop opportunities. Stay connected!


Hope for the best

Thank You for responding

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