Data analysis as a analyst in cryptocurrency world

Data Analysts is a term used to refer to individuals and experts who help industires financial organizations to identify opportunities and trends, launch new products, serve customers and make thoughtful decisions through insights given through data. Also, data analysts could be referred to as a detective and an artist, who finds answers to existing questions by creating insights from data sources used to uncover trends, patterns and relationships.
Furthermore, experts in the field of data analysis usually referred to as data analysts get data decision driven insight through data. Data can be found in a cloud which is also called data base. Data Analysis on the other hand refers to the collection, transformation and organization of data in order to draw conclusions, make predictions and drive informed decisions.
Chiefly, data analysis is rooted in statistics marked by archaeologists to have started in ancient Egypt with calculations and theories on paper-like materials (papyri) now viewed as the earliest examples of spread-sheet and checklists. Contemporarily, data analysis has a process called life cycle which uses data in this process; ask, prepare, process, analyse, share and act to arrive at decision being created, consumed, tested, processed and reused by organizations.

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