Dapptos View [ learn build and explore ]

  • Project Name : Dapptos View

  • Project Description:
    Dapptos view will be a place where you can explore everything about Aptos ecosystem. We want to create a community driven initiative where everyone can contribute. The open-source platform will have 5 major features ( education , news , jobs offers , metrics and projects dashboard).

  • Value Proposition to the Aptos Ecosystem :
    The education feature will serve to democratize the MOVE language and highlight community initiatives.
    The news feature will be used to keep the community informed of the latest updates on the whole Aptos ecosystem, available in multiple languages translated by the contributors.
    The job offers feature will allow projects to highlight their hiring proposal and will give people a simple and easy access to apply for the jobs on the ecosystem.
    The metrics feature will provide essential data on the project and Aptos blockchain like (the number of transactions, the number of active wallet, the TVL and many others).
    The projects dashboard function will give a unique view on all the projects under construction and live on the ecosystem, with a description and links to join them.

  • Milestones with Deliverables + Timeline :
    The first version is already finalized, we start the Q3 with the update of the platform, the integration of the education part as well as the metric part, the open source migration on github, with the help of the coordinator and contributor of the community.

  • Team:
    The team is composed by four founders who are also coordinators of the French community of Aptos : Evon , KbConsulting45 , Ox⟆ᕮᕮ𐌊〇 and Lvmh.

  • Evon :
    Skills : Community manager
    Experience : Worked with Bastion protocol as moderator, Admin at Alpha Road Finance and mod in crypto community of over 6k members.
    Motivation : I entered the crypto world as a simple retail investor, as time went by I gained experience and I became a crypto believer, I wish to go to the next step by investing myself personally in the crypto ecosystem and be part of the Aptos pioneers

  • KbConsulting45 :
    Skills : Project manager and Technical Advisor
    Experience : Worked as project director out of blockchain, Ex ambassador on Phala network, realize video about blockchain environment, passionate about blockchain technology.
    Motivation : Participate in the Aptos development so that it becomes one of the best layer 1 on the market

  • Ox⟆ᕮᕮ𐌊〇 :
    Skills : Web design, project management and business creation
    Experience : I joined several incubators in France for business creation, worked with Snowtomb as moderator.
    Motivation : After several years of experience in crypto, and a few years of experience in business creation, I thought that I should link them in my future. That’s why I want to start developing my skills in creating blockchain projects. Aptos was an obvious choice because I was seduced by the project and the team. I have a great will to help aptos to develop and to create a project that will last in time like dapptos view.

  • Lvmh :
    Skills : Manage team and project from A to Z , translation and cummucation.
    Experience : I have always been an investor in crypto since 2019 and at the end of 2021i decided to get more involved in a project called “Cherry Network” , I was French ambassador and currently official admin in the French group. I am also the founder of the French community of Aptos on twitter and telegram
    Motivation : Become an actor in the success of Aptos and its growth by contributing to the community and ecosystem !!

  • Key Risks & Challenges :
    The challenge for Dapptos View is to become the hub for the Aptos ecosystem and to help democratise the whole Layer 1. Constantly innovating will also be a big challenge to always bring more and more people into the Aptos universe.
    The main risk is time, timing is crucial and for that we need to be coordinated and delegate tasks to the appropriate and qualified people.


Great things for the future of the aptos ecosystem ! :handshake:


Thanks for introducing your project!

I’m excited to see how this effort may help us coordinate by gathering feedback on your product features. I’d love to explore which metrics would be useful to display on a platform like yours. How might your projects page integrate with our discussions here?


Thank you for your interest in our project; we will first think about the relevant metrics to implement. It is essential to share with the Aptos team in order to converge towards common paths. We can already identify different categories of metrics:

  • Technical metrics (evolution of participation during the different stages of ITx, nbr of tx/sec at each itx, …)
  • Application metrics (nbr of new projects per period, category of projects, …)
  • Financial metrics that will come later ( TVL, liquidity pool, nbr of active addresses, …)

Ideas of metrics are not lacking but need a common development for more efficiency and less scattering.


Wen wen we will see alpha of Dapptos view? want to test!!!


Wow, looks interesting.

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I think this is an amazing idea, It’s always better to have everything in one place. Looking forward to see it´s the beta version

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The project is quite amazing looking forward to collaborate…


Thank you , We will release the roadmap soon and the platform will be available to the public during Q3!


Thanks , You are welcome! :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your interest in the project.
The platform should be available during Q3! :slight_smile:

Looks really promosing

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I want to try it so much! @lvmh when it will be available?

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Count me in. Good luck team!

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Thanks for your support!

The first version of the platform will be available during Q3!

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It looks interesting! Does the team need help? maybe as a native speaker of the Ru language?

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thanks , yes of course you are welcome!

Would love to get Zaptos on your app. DM’ed your Twitter if you’d like to discuss. :handshake:


This is great, I am excited to see how it evolves. I am sure you were planning something like this, but, I would recommend creating some type of google forum so that potential projects can submit their project to you for a discussion/listing. What can the community do to help you now?