Dapptos view is hiring

gm everyone!

At Dapptos View we aim to become the hub place of the Aptos ecosystem, we are looking for a Move developer to create and develop Dapps on the Aptos blockchain.


  • Interest and good knowledge of the L1 ecosystem or blockchain in general, either on a commercial or personal basis is a must
  • Experience deploying and interacting with smart contracts (ETH, SOL) either on a commercial or personal basis is a must
  • Great understanding and developing smart contracts on Move
  • Ability to write code that is clean, easy to audit, yet efficient in terms of deployment, execution, and maintenance

Nice to have:

  • Good knowledge of historical smart contract exploits and vulnerabilities (across all chains)
  • Be nice and kind

You can DM us on Discord : @Evon#5389 or @lvmh#5388


The ecosystem is developing, more and more projects and specialists are working on it. Go guys!

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I support this post. We have come to it together.

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I don’t meet the criteria

Need support on Move, dm me

Hey! Can you DM me on Discord? Evon#5389

Been working on move and building on aptos as well. I can surely support u.

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