DappGate Early Adapters [ Guardians ]

DappGate Early Adopters NFT Collection’, ‘Guardians’ - Integrity Guardians.

zkCredo has been adopted: These users protect the computational integrity of the network and defend everyone’s ability to independently verify the correctness of transactions. Through DappGate’s LayerZero Integration, ‘Guardians’ transform their transactions into unique NFTs, embodying their role as guardians of computational integrity and promoters of transactional transparency in the blockchain ecosystem. Each of their interactions leaves a unique imprint, forever preserved in this NFT, symbolizing their commitment to upholding the values of our DappGate community.

Engage with DappGate: Begin your journey by engaging in Onchain interactions on DappGate.

Secure the First NFT: Obtain the initial NFT, the gateway to our exclusive seven-stage collection.

Exclusive Access: As a holder of the first piece, gain exclusive rights to participate in subsequent NFT stages.

Don’t Miss Out: This is a unique opportunity, and missing a stage might mean missing out on the entire collection.

Complete the Tasks: Ensure you fulfill all necessary tasks and requirements.

Claim on Arbitrum: Once you’ve completed the tasks, claim your NFT reward on the Arbitrum Network.

Join here: DappGate Early Adapters [ Guardians ] by DappLabs | Galxe


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