[DAO] DAO Specification for Aptos

I wrote specification for Dao Aptos . Lets Talk about it!


encipher88, you’ve created interesting material. @james you should take a look at this. You have more information on this topic.

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If I get it right it is more about how voting should be implemented onchain?

yes it is first step before make mvp (smartcontract)

The idea and the concept are very well described. But how long can it take to write a smart contract and user interface? Maybe for simplicity we can start by using a bot in Discord for voting, etc.

The bot is indeed a simpler solution, but this is only enough at the initial stages.
I’m talking about the control system for all aspects. There is no place for such insecure solutions as bots.
Only an on-chain solution avoids the contention of the “Byzantine generals”.

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I’ve reread your work on the medium probably five times…
“DAO management system” - everything you wrote is technically hard to build.
Here’s an example:
We have 1000 holders, every day comes to vote 1-2 requests ( from DAO, from ecosystem project community and so on ) Now among these 1000 participants randomly choose judges? If so, then each participant should every single day to monitor “INTERFACE”. Not everyone will do this. Most votes would go down the drain.
Rating of judges? - If there are 1000 active participants, assuming they log in every day, it would be very difficult to gain any rating in such an environment. Eventually voting will turn into operational hell.
And how do you know if that judge is qualified in a given topic?
For example, we have a local DAO, we want to put some issue to a vote. What should we do then?
I’m sorry, maybe I misunderstood something. If so correct me.

there is an indication that the vote can be held in a private group. Again, no one forces you to participate in voting, here, as in life, voting is an active position and a kind of work. not all questions will concern all members of the community, each group will solve their own questions in which they are competent, about the complexity - on-chain systems are always more difficult to do, since it involves real means. Of course, the cost of building the MVP, as well as debugging the interface, as well as testing, will take a lot of time. This is not meant to be a quick start and the spec describes a possible option and I ask the community to comment on it, BUT the most important thing is to make your edits and improvements.

Let’s take the simplest dao systems that are implemented everywhere in the top blockchains - from etherium to cosmos - the usual voting by the weight of tokens, it’s easy, fast, convenient and … terrible. contributes to the development of the oligarchy and promotes the interests of a narrow circle. there can be no question of any fair voting. I try to bring elements of meritocracy that reflect the interests of the active part of the community. Welcome to do the system better👍