Dưới đây là một số ưu điểm của Aptos

Secure: Aptos is built on top of the BFT architecture, which is said to be more secure than Proof-of-Work consensus-based blockchains.
Powerful: Aptos can process millions of transactions per second, allowing it to support large-scale web3 applications.
Scalable: Aptos can scale by adding more validator nodes, allowing it to support a large number of users.
Ethereum Compatible: Aptos is compatible with Ethereum, allowing existing dApps on Ethereum to be deployed on Aptos.
In addition, Aptos also has some other advantages such as:
Developed by a team of experienced engineers from Facebook and Google.
There are abundant financial resources.
There are some outstanding features such as the Move programming language, the BFT consensus mechanism, and compatibility with Ethereum.

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