Cyber Pet- participation

Hello! I’d like to write about this project- Cyber Pet. Why?
It’s a good time to enter. This project has only 1000 White List but only 236 were taken at this momet (20.11.2022). So you have an opportunity to get this place. What it is necessary to do? - complete different tasks on crew3: Crew3
and on Discord: Discord

What is Cyber Pet? The 1st ever Aptos PetVerse© Game play.
What is it possible to do there?
*Build your custom NFT Pets
*Join Arena to earn rewards
*Tradeable Pets on NFT Marketplace
*Virtual Pets Metaverse (PetsVerse) Gameplay
*Upgradable Pets using NFT Cards
*Built in Referral & Social Sharing system

The official site: Cyber Pet But the button “Play” currently not working. You can enter in the game to test it here: Cyber Pet testnet
You need to connect your Aptos Wallet (testnet)- Martian (only this wallet is avalible at this moment).
To buy a pet you need to get test coins that you’ll receive here:
As it only testnet not everything works well but it’s just a matter of time.

I think that this project has a good future. It alredy has a high rank :point_down:


Nice write up

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It’s an interesting one


Well done for sharing this here with us.


Beautiful drawings! I really want to join :wink:


Thank you mate for making the community educative

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She will respond to you in due time.

To be a part you need to join Discord and Crew3. The links are in the description.
And then complete tasks and be attentive to the news on Discord channel.

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