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2024 is the year of innovation, of expanding into a cross-chain world, and of giving users options.This is why we wanted to talk on our cross-chain gauge and how we think it improves the user experience!The future is cross-chain :thread::point_down:

Gauge voting is widespread through Crypto and it involves using governance tokens like veCVE to vote on pools (gauges)to increase their share of CVE emissions.Normally this is cumbersome and expensive because most gauge voting was on mainnet.But we’ve flipped the script.
Our cross-chain gauge is a new system designed to improve upon the vote-escrow model by bringing cross-chain voting and reward distribution to the users.This is thanks to @wormholecrypto’s integration.
Users can lock CVE on any chain and vote on emissions.This leads to them also earning protocol fees generated from all chains!Our cross-chain gauge will make things easy on users by utilizing @SnapshotLabs’s gasless voting system.
Our infrastructure is built to be cross-chain with ETH mainnet acting as the canonical chain and other chains acting as the child chain.Every epoch, each child chain reports back to ETH which allows the ETH gauge to tally up the USDC and CVE rewards.
The cross-chain gauge brings a unified vote-escrow system using @wormholecrypto’s messaging infrastructure to connect Ethereum with the plethora of child gauges.Users get the ability to lock CVE and vote on any chain for any pool while still getting equal fee sharing.
Our cross-chain gauge system will provide unparalleled composability to its users along with being able to choose their “home” chain.Testnet is coming soon so make sure you’re checking out our Curvance to see if you’re eligible for any roles to get early access!
If you want to make sure you’re up to date on all our news, make sure you join our TG ( Telegram: Contact @curvance )And while you’re at it, pop into our Discord to get any news first! ( Curvance )

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