Cryptocurrency being a legal tender

So I quickly want to dive into this topic “Cryptocurrency being a legal tender” and I would love our suggestions on it as well. As we know, some countries have accepted it being a legal tender but just a few, majority hasn’t yet. Your opinions on this will be highly appreciated.:pray:

So as we know the crypto space is growing rapidly and at this pace, many people all over the world are really keen to know what cryptocurrency really is, this would be another topic for another day as I would be walking us through what cryptocurrency really is.

That being said, have you ever thought about this, if the countries of the world were to adopt the cryptocurrency (digital currency) as a legal tender, would it be an harm to the world at large or would it do good to humanity?

I want y’all suggestions below and give your reasons why……


I for one do not think crypto adoption will that much harm, although we all know that no system is perfect.


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