Crypto Whales are Stacking This Lesser Known Crypto AI Gem – What Does it Do?

Cryptocurrency whales, the influential market movers whose trades spur noticeable price fluctuations, tend to have an uncanny knack for spotting promising digital assets ahead of the crowd. These ultra-high net worth crypto holders are often the first to grab onto emerging crypto projects with strong potential.

When crypto whales begin stacking a particular token, it frequently clues in savvy investors that a crypto gem may be in the making. Lately, there has been a flurry of whale activity surrounding a new crypto startup called yPredict—an AI and data analytics ecosystem for crypto traders.

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The Under the Radar AI Crypto Platform

Created by a team of AI researchers, quant developers, and veteran traders, yPredict seeks to be a one-stop shop for crypto analytical trading tools powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. The platform plans to offer an array of products, including trading signals, sentiment analysis, pattern recognition, and custom algorithms to identify the best crypto investment opportunities.

One of yPredict’s main offerings is its prediction marketplace, which will allow data scientists to monetize their custom predictive models, giving platform users access to a diverse array of statistical and data-driven insights. The yPredict team believes this model-sharing approach will lead to richer, more accurate price predictions to inform trading strategies.
The native token of the yPredict ecosystem is $YPRED. Beyond granting platform access, $YPRED will facilitate payments and incentives within the network. $YPRED holders will be able to also partake in staking rewards, where a portion of subscription fees are distributed among stakers.

Why Crypto Whales Are Splashing Around yPredict

One of the potential reasons for the whale activity is yPredict’s promised staking rewards of up to 45% quarterly, considerably higher than the industry average of 5-10% annually. The token will also enable access to the platform’s AI-powered products, adding practical utility.

Additionally, the presale’s structure and allocation strategy prioritizes public participants over private investors. 80% of the total token supply was slotted for the public presale rounds, giving the token room to potentially surge once fully launched and listed on exchanges.

The presale has already raised over $5.3 million from contributors so far. As the presale progresses toward a target raise of $6.5 million, the team plans to conclude the funding efforts in early 2024.

The current presale phase values $YPRED at $0.11, with the expected listing price of $0.12. As prominent crypto whales continue acquiring $YPRED stakes, their activity hints that yPredict and $YPRED may be worthwhile crypto investments for everyday investors to place on their radars.


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