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AlphaPacked Round-Up: Last 24hs in Crypto

  1. :chart_with_upwards_trend: SEC approves Bitcoin ETFs.

  2. :fuelpump: Vitalik supports idea of increasing gas limit.

  3. :arrow_up_small: Starknet v0.13.0 upgrade proposal passes.

  4. :parachute: Xai $XAI airdrop is live.

  5. :space_invader: SEC X account compromised.

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:newspaper: Crypto News :newspaper:

:star: โ€ข SEC approves Bitcoin ETFs proposals on an accelerated basis.

โ€ข Pantera Capital to invest $200M in Bitwise Bitcoin ETF.

:star: โ€ข Vitalik Buterin supports idea of increasing gas limit.

โ€ข Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan states Bitcoin does not have value.

โ€ข X ends NFT profile picture support.

โ€ข Celsius to notify users who withdrew more than $100K before bankruptcy to return part of funds.

โ€ข Binance, Kraken, Huobi, & more removed from Indian Apple app store amid compliance notices.

โ€ข Bitfinex removes products and services for certain UK customers due to regulatory requirements.

โ€ข BitGo secures in-principle approval to operate as a Major Payment Institution (MPI) in Singapore.

โ€ข CFTC advisory committee calls on government to work towards understanding defi.

โ€ข Jesse Pollack shares Baseโ€™s mission & top priorities for 2024.

โ€ข Solana Foundation reports improved developer onboarding and retention in 2023.

โ€ข Laser Digital and WebN Group unveil Libre protocol, a fund tokenization infrastructure built with Polygon CDK.

โ€ข Fox collaborates with Polygon to launch Verify, a blockchain-based media platform.

โ€ข Ripple $XRP to purchase $285M of shares from early investors.

โ€ข Evmos departed co-founder to return 59.4M $EVMOS worth ~$7.1M to Evmos Foundation.


:zap: Alpha :zap:

โ€ข EigenLayer to unpause restaking caps and introduce three new LSTs January 29th.

:star: โ€ข Starknet v0.13.0 upgrade proposal passes enabling cost reductions and sets up for fee payment by $STRK.

โ€ข RhinoFi launches Silver Rhino Quest on Starknet Quest.

โ€ข AltLayer announces Nitrogen, an Arbitrum Orbit testnet using Celestia.

โ€ข Manta Network launches Manta New Year 2024 Campaign on Galxe.

โ€ข RhinoFi launches Manta Pacific NFTโ€™s.

โ€ข Bebop whitelists new batch of addresses for Bebop beta.

โ€ข C3 self-custodial exchange launches public mainnet.

โ€ข Pixels $PIXEL alpha thread by Layergg.


:parachute: Airdrops :parachute:

:star: โ€ข Xai $XAI airdrop is live.

โ€ข EtherFi releases 2024 roadmap illustrating token generation event (TGE) scheduled in April.

โ€ข DeBridge airdrop strategy by Crypto Snooper.

โ€ข BracketX airdrop strategy by Alpha Drops.

โ€ข Starrynift airdrop strategy by mztacat.


:newspaper: Finance News :newspaper:

โ€ข Marathon Digital $MARA, a Bitcoin mining firm was the most traded stock on Monday.

โ€ข X to launch peer-to-peer payments this year.

โ€ข Microsoft $MSFT investment in OpenAI could face EU merger probe.

โ€ข Microsoft $MSFT closing in on Apple $AAPL as most valuable company.

โ€ข Amazon $AMZN lays off hundreds of employees in its Prime Video and MGM Studios divisions.

โ€ข Unity $U to lay off 25% of its staff as part of corporate restructuring plan.


:shield: Security and Exploits :shield:

:star: โ€ข SEC X account compromised due to lack of 2FA, fake Bitcoin ETF approval announcement posted.

โ€ข Coingecko X account compromised, fake airdrop posted.

โ€ข SlowMist publishes Solana security guide on Medium.

โ€ข Hackers targeting vulnerable MS SQL servers across the US, EU, and LATAM.


:coin: Token Unlocks :coin:

โ€ข Moonbeam / 3.04M $GLMR / ~$1.2M / JAN 10
โ€ข Aptos / 24.84M $APT / ~$219.6M / JAN 11
โ€ข CyberConnect / 1.26M $CYBER / ~$8.9M / JAN 14โ€”โ€”โ€”โ€”โ€”โ€”โ€”โ€”โ€”

:moneybag: Funding :moneybag:

โ€ข Finoa, a crypto custodian and staking services provider; raises $15M in Strategic funding led by Maven 11 Capital and Balderton Capital.

โ€ข OORT, a decentralized cloud service; raises $10M in funding.

โ€ข Altitude, an automated defi loan management platform; raises $6.1M in Seed funding.

โ€ข Entangle, an interoperable data infrastructure platform; raises $4M in Seed & Private funding.

โ€ข Ta-da, an AI data collection platform; raises $3.5M in funding.

โ€ข Ringfence, a creative rights platform; raises $1.5M in Seed funding led by Rarestone Ventures & Morningstar Ventures.

โ€ข Polyhedra, an infrastructure for Web3 interoperability; raises an undisclosed amount in funding from OKX Ventures.


:ear_of_rice: The Degen Farmer :ear_of_rice:

โ€ข Solv Funds (Arbitrum) / USDT / 113.52%
โ€ข Vela Exchange (Arbitrum) / USDC / 44.79%
โ€ข Beefy (Ethereum) / MKUSD-USDC / 38.94%
โ€ข Merkl (Arbitrum) / STEUR-USDC / 36.16%
โ€ข Pendle (Arbitrum) / GDAI / 35.07%
โ€ข DeltaPrime (Arbitrum) / USDC / 34.05%
โ€ข Abracadabra (Arbitrum) / MIM-USDC-USDT / 33.01%
โ€ข Aura (Ethereum) / DOLA-USDC / 31.96%



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