Crypto and Aptos at school (secondary)

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You can’t get any more boring than this…
A worksheet from the “Youth and Education” Foundation


We need a suitable learning book. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions? I am open to any suggestions!


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:see_no_evil: :sleeping: …agree, but at least there is something like this. Don’t know if they’ve got anything similar here in Austria…

It’s done. I have found a platform where I can communicate with the children.
I would ask you to take a look at it. What is your first impression? Is there anything you don’t like? What do you like? What do you miss or would you do differently? I am very dependent on your feedback, as it can only make me better and ultimately benefit the students.
Thank you in advance for your help!

check it here, this is a learning platform for schools…

Krypto Kids

Maybe you need to change your browser language from German to your language?!

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they are strong

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for education

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All you need is to be steady here and you will gain every idea and information you need.

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That’s an awesome idea but i will suggest you make out a little time for that or rather after school period, since it’s not part of the syllabus, the students actually need to pass their exams.

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I love your passion


The question is rather, what should the children learn in the first place? What the state prescribes is not necessarily goal-oriented! What is more important is a broad education that is close to life and prepares them for the most important things to come.

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As part of my “mission”, I would like to bring crypto closer to children. But since the children are not allowed to use real money, I have to rely on test networks and airdrops.
Does anyone know a way to get GoerliETH without having real money in the account? As it is, it’s ruining my plans…
@braniack @cryptoph79

@ruko do you have an idea??? :eyes:

Hi. Just use faucets like …there you can claim a small amount every day.

The problem is that the wallet needs 0.001 ETH in real money. Otherwise you can’t claim anything. Do you know of an alternative?

Hey @kaysmanays ,

Would love to discuss this with you further! I teach in a French school on the side but in Solidity. I write Aptos technical content for my main job so can brainstorm some ways to structure a curriculum. Let me know!


That sounds fantastic! I would be very happy to work out a curriculum together. But I suspect that our demands are different. My students are in fifth to tenth grade and really don’t have any prerequisites to build on… What does your starting position look like?