Crypto Airdrop survey

Guys, kindly the community know the amount of airdrop which is possible in crypto market by revealing your history of airdrops gained in crypto!

Mine : Around 10 usdt :expressionless:

What about yours???


Not yet! For now :smiling_face_with_tear:


So sad. Keep trying

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Common guys . Tell ur experience

Just $70+ from CORE, wishing to hit big anytime soon, so I don’t stop trying


Cos I’ve learnt that persistence and keep on trying really pays offf


Great brother. 70$ is good amount

I’m hitting BIG very soon.

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Good luck brother

Yeah, if you don’t stop believing and keep putting in works

I’m okay with it since it’s just free money, it’s really hurts so bad when I missed $ARB cos it’s a bigger airdrop, it’s claimers still eating

That’s very true

Yes. Even I heared about many. Let’s hope we too gets fortune

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Inshallah! I’m farming zKSync, I ain’t gon miss it

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Is it req money or how it is?

Requires no money

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Could you please share the details so that we can try

Ohhh no, I made a mistake right there, I thought I was talking bout SuiSwap, it’s really requires no money even venom too
Just crew3 points that’ll be converted and exchange for token airdrop

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