Crew-3 New Sprint Aptos Launch

Greetings, my suggestion is in relation to the new sprint in crew3 of AptosLaunch. My suggestion is that when you put a new sprint… you put new tasks specific to that Sprint. That you should credit a twitter account with a certain age has to be accredited to eliminate the bots… those of us who have been in the project for a long time… have no chance of earning anything because the old tasks that we have already done do not give us points and those who enter new ones yes… what’s more… many will create a new profile to make all the points and those of us who are legal and don’t do it… we stay out…

How is it possible that I have been in the project for a while and have not obtained any benefit and those who enter new and will only go for the airdrop… have more options than me… it’s not fair.

Therefore my suggestion is… new specific tasks for a new sprint and that the previous tasks do not count.


yes, it’s interesting, also as Layer3 and guild could be envolved


Yes, it would be great to see quests on Layer3 about aptos

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