Creation of rooms for communication of users in their native language


Aptos is committed to building a massive infrastructure for millions of users. Not all of them know English well.
As a consequence, they have to use an interpreter who often fails to retain the correct meaning.


For greater integration of people into the life of Aptos, I propose to create local rooms for users to communicate in their native language without leaving the forum,
this will make them feel more comfortable. Each such room needs a number of moderators to keep order - these guys must be determined manually by the Aptos administration or by voting among other users. We need people who will translate materials into the native language of their room - most likely a little economic incentive is needed here. This looks like a tedious task at first, but if you look further, it will create language “incubators” that speak the same language, where ideas or development will grow within small teams so that they are destined to be born.

I will be glad to moderate the room for RU users :innocent:


I buy this idea , And it could be a welcome development, facilitate and Carry along many in the community

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This idea is hectic to implement at this stage of the project but it is good if it was brought early

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Forum isn’t popular enough for implementing these ideas. Even in case it gets popular, there will no need to separate it. If you are interested in just chatting, then Discord server has language chats.

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I agree for some reason, I think it is better to stick to the universal language - English! :smile:

I suggest the idea should not be implement for now