Creation of Local Community Accounts

Hi. I propose to create a local community account (mainly Twitter and Medium) as a receptacle for the local community.

I’m Takeshi, Japanese.
I currently manage and administer the Japanese communities of Pontem Network and The Graph, and in the past I have also managed Japanese communities as a regional community manager for Solana and Avalanche. I probably have the most extensive experience in Japan in terms of managing local communities in the crypto field.

Now, with the Japanese government’s announced focus on promoting web3 as a national policy, the focus on this area among Japanese entrepreneurs and developers continues to increase, contrary to market conditions.

Aptos is no exception to this trend, and as a result of my ongoing efforts to provide information on Aptos in Japanese as Pontem Network Japan, which has about 2,000 followers, my DMs have received several inquiries from developers and entrepreneurs who are looking to build products with Aptos.

Many of them have become aware of Aptos’ innovations through Pontem Network Japan articles and announcements, while the common denominator is that they have not joined Aptos’ Discord Japanese channel.

The reason for these two points is that first, Twitter’s share of social media content in Japan is significantly higher than the global average share. Another is that they are not interested in earning tokens by operating nodes, which is the current focus of the local channel conversation.

They are purely focused on getting information about Aptos and working on actual development. This process seems similar to when I consulted with Solana’s then CMO to set up the Japanese community. Of course node and token is important, but I would like to work with them to identify potential Japanese developers and entrepreneurs who want to engage in real and meaningful development.

The most effective way to do this is to officially provide high quality information material as “Aptos Japan” via Twitter and Medium, and to make the website and documentation available in local languages. It is never too late to do this, and operating in parallel with Pontem Network Japan will create the greatest synergy. I’m already in discussions with Alejo of Pontem and James of Aptos to organize a Pontem x Aptos Japanese AMA with the aforementioned developers and entrepreneurs.

Once we have an official Japan community account, I believe that we should use this as a success story to promote similar efforts in other language regions.
Please let us know what you think.



I am in favor of this proposal.
And, it is positive for the Aptos ecosystem and I am sure the core members agree.

Moreover, there are many who would like to be operating members in Japan.


Hey Takeshi,
Fully support you. You doing great in Pontem and it will be big challenge for you to make something similar and better with Aptos. Good luck!


Takeshi has been a very valuable part of the Pontem community helping Pontem methodically grow adoption locally in Japan to thousands of people across telegram, Discord and twitter.

I support this proposal to extend his skillset to also growing the Aptos community through his network and applied community growth skills.


I agree with this proposal, Aptos and Pontem.
will work together to expand the community and help increase awareness.


I couldn’t agree more with Takeshi’s suggestion!
Our Japanese group is also developing NFT with Aptos.
The NFT boom is heating up in Japan, and I think that setting up the soil for NFT development at the best Layer 1, etc., will be a shortcut to spreading the word.