🏆 Creation of a special NFT Aptos collection to encourage community activity

Hi all!
I have a very short (but useful) suggestion: to create a special NFT collection for active members of the Aptos community.

All 100 NFTs. Reward the most active members of the community. Moreover, the coordinators can NOT be awarded, this prize can only be awarded to members :trophy:

It is possible to announce a competition for the best design of NFTs and release them in time for the mainnet launch (at https://curiosity.gallery/ or other marketplace).

If the idea is interesting and will be supported by the team, I will be happy to hear suggestions and improvements… :heart:


Sounds very cool.
In fact, I think this collection can be called as OG.

PS I already wanted to get this NFT :pray:

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I hope this suggestion is helpful !
thank you for participating, I hope that you will eventually get exactly this NFT :trophy:

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  • if you want to join and/or you have proposal - you can leave your comment

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oh. nice, we need Martin wollet to connect and can take one pices?

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Great idea, it motivates the community even more.

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To access your NFTs you will be able (in the future) to use any of the Aptos ecosystem wallets (e.g. Martian Aptos Wallet or Fewcha Aptos Wallet…)

Ehd…in addition, Aptos Wallet Extension is being developed:



Thx! !it’s nice to see that my suggestions are supported by the global Aptos community :+1:
I am sure that together we will make our community friendly, involved and interested, this will help Aptos develop even more actively!

you can vote for this suggestions (top left of the page) :point_up_2:

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Thanks I like to be part of this special NFT collection offered for Aptos community, Nice idea. :ok_hand: :clap:


But what counts as being active? What are the metrics? If for example a metric is amount of chats people wrote they will abuse it and spam. We have to find a better definition of “being active”.


We will work on this suggestions in more detail in the near future


Completely agree with your clarification. You correctly noted that simple metrics can lead to abuse. Definitely, we must develop objective evaluation criteria.

I’d love to hear your suggestions here! Perhaps we will be able to develop some kind of core, which will later be considered as the basic basis.

nice idea but what about utility?

And why can’t the coordinators be rewarded too? After all, they proved their usefulness to the project and were the most active as well. The idea is interesting, but it needs to be discussed with James, I think he will decide whether this can be done or not. :+1:

great idea!!

Daha yeni işlemler başlıyor

Another special collection of NFTs can be issued for coordinators. I hope that Max will support this idea! :heart_eyes:

Thank you all for your support!
The implementation of the idea depends, to a greater extent, on the support of the team.
If necessary, we can help with NFT design and/or release.
I’m looking forward to any specific suggestions. Thank you! :two_hearts: