Creating a Move module on a local multi-node network


I’m trying the “Your First Move Module” tutorial on a local multi-node network but I can’t test nor publish the hello_blockchain module; when I test the error says: UNEXPECTED_VERIFIER_ERRORMISSING_DEPENDENCYed25519 and when I try to publish nevertheless: API error: error decoding response body: missing field code at line 1 column 79.
Is the tutorial only meant for the devnet or a single-node aptos-started network? How can I run it on a local multi-node network?

Thanks in advance.


For the benefit of others that may incur in this issue, it turns out that it was my mistake: somehow I built and installed aptos from main, which (due to PATH order) took precedence over the pre-built 1.0.1 binary. When I deleted the manually built one and used the pre-built 1.0.1 binary, everything started working.

Thanks for approving the question!

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