Create more video content/guides

As Aptos approaches mainnet I think it would be awesome if the community took it amongst themselves to create more video content and guides. Content such as general information on Move and Aptos, with guides on how to use Aptos (live walk through). Videos appeal and help some people more than written guides, so it would be welcoming to have for mainnet! I would love to brainstorm ideas if anyone is interested.


Let me kick us off with a few:

  1. An overall guide on what Move is and what makes it unique.
  2. An overall guide on what Aptos is and what makes the blockchain unique.
  3. Any of the tutorials found on this education page; Aptos Learning Resources

We’d love to see more content and guides! Don’t forget about the Aptos grant program :slight_smile:


Great point, the grant program is an awesome initiative that would definitely be in play here. I definitely would recommend applying if anyone has any experience or interest in creating educational content. I am also more then happy to talk ideas and help in anyway possible, just reach out!


Good project nice

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