Continuing the discussion from [[AIT2] t0zem00n]

Continuing the discussion from [AIT2] t0zem00n:

I am a system administrator in an outsourcing company. I came to the blockchain sphere on the recommendation of a friend and realized that I can stay here. For two years of study and practice, I managed to become a full-fledged member of the crypto community.

I have Windows and Linux management skills
Meet tools like Ansible, Grafana, Zabbix
2 years of experience in implementing knots
I am a node operator for Swarm, Clover, Skale, Massa, Kylin, Solana, Ironfish, Joystream.

Ukrainian is my native language. I improve my English by talking to native speakers and participating in various crypto projects.
Telegram - @t0zem00n
Discord - t0zem00n | DOUBLE TOP#0368

My specs:
I have dealt with many suppliers. At the moment my favorites is Hetzner. I am renting a server from the latter provider for an Aptos node with 16 cores, 360 GB SSD and 32 GB of memory.