Contest - draw emoji for discord

Hello everyone!
We all understand how serious the APTOS project is, more and more people want to know about it and join the discord server. Unfortunately, there are only 10 emojis available on the server, which is very little. After all Aptos is layer one
Therefore, I propose to hold a contest to create emoji for the APTOS discord server.


As far as I know the maximum number of emoticons, but if yours are very cool, then I think there will always be a place for them. Do you have any examples you can share?


not yet, as I wrote above, you can make a contest for the entire community and choose the bests :slight_smile:

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Nice suiggestion :grin::upside_down_face::wink:

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Maybe it 's better to make a contest here on the forum ? and offer to add new emoji to James, the one who will be the winner of the best emoji.
Launch the contest for 1 month.
What are you think about it?

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we can also on the forum, but it seems to me that discord is more convenient and there will be more people who want it, otherwise I don’t mind

Good thinking

Wow , great idea ,
Most welcome