Consistent The Key To Success

Consistency means focusing on the task at hand in the present moment while maintaining a long term vision.

When we do something regularly, we get feedback. This feedback helps us to change course when required.

Consistency, in other words, is therefore all about repetition. It’s about repeating the same actions (habits and rituals) over and over again; gaining feedback from these actions and adjusting them accordingly to help stay on track as we work towards our goal. What makes consistent difficult is We all are aware that maintaining consistency is an essential thing but all of us, at some point or the other, struggle to be consistent in what we do. Or in other words, even though the concept of staying consistent seems very simple on the surface, most people struggle with this idea.

They find it difficult to stay consistent because there are just too many distractions . People are simply not focused, committed or disciplined enough to stick with something in the short-term for long-term results, what I’m a trying to say here, let us all be consistent and do what we have to do and wait for the outcome from Aptos community.

Today, we look for instant gratification and in the want of that, we fail to acknowledge that some things do take time. When we don’t get immediate results, we don’t see the point in continuing those actions over the long run. But consistency isn’t about obtaining quick results, rather it’s about maintaining incremental progress over a period of time.


  1. Patience
  2. believe
  3. value.

If we all have patience, believe and value what we’re doing we do more than Aptos community required from us.



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