Comrades. Professional team of validators.

We are a team of professional validators with many years of experience. 100% uptime, regular updates. We use VPS for validator nodes, dedicated servers for miners. We use Grafana to monitor and control nodes. To test scripts, we use free services such as DigitalOcean, Vultr, etc.
Participated in almost all major testnets: Mina, The Graph, HOPR, SWARM, Casper, Agoric, Aleo, Moonbeam, NYM, Clover, Frontier, KIChain, Rizon, Solana, HydraDX.
We are currently participating in the following testnets: IronFish (Miner), Celestia, Minima, KYVE, Massa, SubQuery, Starknet, Quicksilver, Gnoland, Sei, Sui, Kujira.

We are professional Mina validators.

Strong technical background, development experience in JS, NodeJS, Solidity, Bash.

We approached Aptos with special responsibility. There are no more nodes on the servers other than Aptos. Automatic updates and notifications, real-time monitoring are configured.

We will be very grateful to you for your votes and with great pleasure we will take part in the test network with the subsequent possible transition to the Mainnet.