Comparison of SUI and APTOS ecosystem

Which do you think has the bigger ecosystem and niche of communities?

Compared to SUI, APTOS had a much bigger hype after launch with all NFT minting on Bluemove and fuss on Discord. However, it is has been pretty much radio silence with SUI. Prolly, it is because of all the noise with all the meme and shit coins

Jut saying though.


Sui didn’t do an airdrop and aptos did so they are different k

Good points. The launch if Sui didn’t met the expectations of many investors, and they could do a better job.

But I think Sui is still a good project considering its fundamentals, so let’s see what will happen in the future.

Back to Aptos, it is already an “old project” proven by the time, and its ecosystem is developing fast, so I prefer Aptos :rocket:

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