Comparing Aptos to Ethereum

Hi guys- I am new to Aptos, so I thought I would create a comparison with Ethereum . Please feel free to comment if you have additional bullet points.

Aptos uses Move as its primary smart contract language, while Ethereum uses Solidity.

Aptos can handle up to 160,000 transactions per second, while Ethereum can handle about 40-45 transactions per second

Aptos uses Block-STM technology, allowing parallel execution of transactions, while Ethereum does not have this capability[

The Time-To-Finality (TTF) for transactions is less than 1 second in the Aptos network, while it is more than 1 minute in the Ethereum network

Ethereum is more established, secure, and decentralized, with a longer online presence and significantly more validators (500k Validators), while Aptos is a newer network with about 107 validators

What else?


A great write up thanks

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I didn’t know half the things here…thanks man

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Nice summary. Ethereum has the first mover advantage, it has been live since 2015, more than 8 years. No one would know what it is going to be like after another 10 years.

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