Community Voting for AIT-2 Validator Selection

Hello I’m Pola! I’m a node operator that capable to do the AIT-2 works. I hope you can see my thread through this link [AIT2] PolaNode . cheers!

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Hi everyone, my name is Long; startup in NFT field. very excited to join Aptos community, plz vote for us! tks.

Hi there,

this is BloClick staking.
Just posted a brief description on

Hope you can give us your support! :slight_smile:

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Glad to be here and help the team!

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Well, let’s play this game again.

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I will be happy if you decide to follow me in this new testnet aventure !
Come on baby !

Hi all! My name is Daniil. Good luck everyone!) Check it out my thread! Like it and subscribe)

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Let’s Node
⠀We are a team of inspired and driven people with decent years in IT and crypto experience. Together we represent the Let’s Node project - our offspring, aimed at:
▸ building a strong friendly node run/crypto communities to superb support networks and ecosystems;
▸ providing technical support to other node runners;
▸ helping the beginners and accompanying advanced node runners throughout the daily issues.

⠀Our team has been working in the field of testnets, nodes and validation for quite a long time. We are successful validators and node runners of many projects such as: Moonbeam, Solana, Evmos, Umee, Kusama, Nym, KiChain, Axelar, Calamari and others;
⠀We preserve not purely high uptime, but further endeavour to contribute with the content to our supported networks. Furthermore we are running many active chats and communities. We are advising projects and participating as Community Managers, Country Leads, Ambassadors, Senior and Head of Ambassadors, Technical Moderators, Admins etc in almost every projects we are involved.

Let’s Node Team

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Hello everyone, I’m from Ukraine. I have over a year of experience in testnets and node launches. And I’ve been working as a developer for over two years.

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[AIT2] Validator Phanetaxi

Hi my real name is Oleg and I’m team memder of one of beggiest crypto commutiny in Ukraine - DOUBLE TOP. I’m speaking in 4 or more languages ( maybe I forgot some of them)

Right now I partisipate in a lot of differet testnets, so I think I have a lot of experience to take part in Aptos testnet

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[AIT2] Validator

Hello everyone, :wink:

OriginStake is a group of technicians with many years of experience in blockchain, server infrastructure management & validator operation. We provide customers with a guaranteed infrastructure system, high uptime (>99%) with appropriate service fees & professional support services. We’re on TOP 100 of Casper Network with 100% uptime performance & regularly organize events/ minigames to benefit our users. Our strategic partners will also give users the best support in staking activities.

OriginStake’s official channel:
Telegram Community Channel: Telegram: Contact @originstake_chat

Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Language: English + Vietnamese

Technical details:
We have a Monitor & tracking system to ensure stable operation of nodes:
Intel® Xeon® W-2145
Octa-Core - Skylake W
2 x 3.84 TB NVMe SSD (RAID1)

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My name is Ruslan. RU/ENG

  • For 15 years in IT, I went from a support operator to the head of the IT department, after which I devoted myself completely to crypto.
  • Since 2019, I have been working for myself, investing in cryptocurrency, mining and participating in a variety of tests - Theta, Avalanche, Keep, Solana (mainnet soon), IronFish, Massa, Subspace and I plan more!
  • I am happy to help people in Russian, general and node-support discord channels, as well as in Russian-language telegram channels.
  • I place all nodes on high end desktop home servers, I have 2 gigabit Internet channels, equipment for uninterrupted power supply. Monitoring via grafana/prometheus

Discord: theRusya#1498 (ex Malek)

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[AIT2] cuanaway
I properly registered and kyc. I am an Indonesian student who is a member of the Sultan Indonesia Airdrop group and the Bang Pateng Airdrop. Participate as a Validator to learn new skills and contribute to the growth of the community and the project. I’ve worked on a number of node projects, including massabs, which has over 11 episodes. I hope that this project will expand in order to increase the number of communities and the industry itself. Thank you very much.

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We are the champions!


Hi. My name is Maksym. I`m from Ukraine.
Discord: zebratratata#5494
Telegram: @zebratratata
Twitter: @zebratratata

I’m crypto enthusiast, node runner, tester, etc. I previously participated in more than 15 projects, mainnets and testnets.
I’m a validator of mainnetworks: Solana, Cere
I’m a validator of testnets: masa finance, massa, ironfish, minima, subquery, etc.

Thank you for attention
Vote for me pls!



My name is Ihor.
I am from Ukraine. I am speaking Ukrainian, Russian, English and Polish.
I have master’s degrees with distinction in finance, business strategy and marketing in three different countries. In addition I have an experience of working in Citi Bank and running business by myself. But the huge interest in new technologies such as a blockchain and variety of projects that are based on such a great technology made me become a part of a crypto community and develop in this direction.

I have an experience in running blockchain’s nodes such as Aleo, Ironfish, Bit.Country, Zeitgeist, Polkadex, Omniflix, Minima, Streamr, Hopr, Massa, Evmos, StarkNet, SubSpace and other projects on early stage.

Therefore, I hope that my experience, knowledge, and skills could also be useful for the Aptos project in its development, testing and promotion.


Join me, together we are strong! :smile:


Hi, I’m Alex from Ukraine, currently live in Spain.

I have a decently successful experience in supporting multiple projects by running nodes, such as: Aleo, Axelar, Bit.Country, Casper, Iron Fish, Joystream, Masa, Moonbeam, Nym, Zeitgeist, etc.

Apart from a pure technical experience (I am a QA Automation Engineer as well), I participate in a bunch of ambassador programs by creating content for a few ongoing projects with the most prominent being Axelar, Bit.Country, FireFly, Interlay Kintsugi, Moonbeam, Zeitgeist, Zenlink, etc. That kind of experience facilitates me in having a clear understanding of the possible tasks and challenges each and every ambassador usually faces.

Social media:
| Twitter | |
| Discord | Moveton#5872 |
| Github | AlexOkrepkyi (Alex) · GitHub |

| AMD Ryzen™ 5 3600 12 CPU Cores|
| RAM: 64 GB DDR4 |
| Disk: 2 x 512 GB NVMe SSD |