Community Voting for AIT-2 Validator Selection

Hello. My name is Alx. I am running crypto community called “bitszn” – faucets, guides and many more
Reasons to pick : since I am c# dev, I wont face any issues in running any kind of code. BTW, running on AWS.
Can communicate at English and Russian.
Huge Crypto experience.

[AIT2] Validator & mikail2490

Hello Community, I’m MIKAIL from Turkey.I Have Been Following The Crypto Market Since 2017.I am Also An Early Investor Of MoonBeam, Elrond and Cere Network.I Have Basic Information About Linux And Python.I’ve Run Nodes Before on Elrond Network’s 3 Month Testnet.At The Same Time, I Took Part İn The Mainnet Testnet.I have Turkish and English Language.

Telegram : @mikailaksoy1995

Good Luck Everyone

Best Regards

My name is Vlad.
I started to get interested in blockchain in 2015 (the first purchase of bitcoin which was very difficult and did not inspire confidence in users) traded on different exchanges, raising my mining network I hosted different validator and testnet nodes since 2022 in different blockchain

I am from Omsk, speak russian and english.
I will quickly answer your questions in my discord or telegram channel

Technical Details: i use dedicated servers 8-16 cores Ubuntu 20.04 at Vultr, DigitalOcean,Linode,Hetzner and follow them every day

[AIT2] Validator & pusulafinans

Hello; We are Pusula Finans from Turkey. We have been in the ecosystem since 2018 and since 2021 we have been helping new investors and developers through social media channels such as youtube, twitter, telegram, facebook, with blockchain technology and developments, as well as pre-sales, testnets, airdrops and node installations.
Youtubee :

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How many votes do we have to give? Quantity/day or fixed?

[AIT2] Validator 4800

Hello everyone! My name is lianpeng and I am a validator from China.
I have more than 8 years of full-stack development experience, currently working in a listed company, and can deploy various systems proficiently.
I am fortunate to participate in the AIT-2 test network and run the AIT-2 verification node and full node.
Although I don’t have a lot of blockchain experience, I hope all teachers will vote for me so that a newcomer can also make a contribution to the blockchain.


Hi, communuty!

Here is my validator’s thread [AIT2] yarmoscow validator

Can help troubleshooting your node installation.

Hi Lads,

Its BLOCKSHARK team here. Our dedicated engineers are professional with 10-15 years experience in the industry. Our system is monitored 24/7 by system admin with assistance of Prometheus and Grafana monitoring system.

We don’t use centralized Data Center like AWS/Google but have our own Server Farm with Power Generator, Air Conditioner, secured access to make the network decentralized as possible.

We are currently running validator/mining nodes for: Aptos, Agoric, Filecoin, Radix, Aleph Zero, Celestia, Sei, Subspace, Chia.

Hi, Aptos community! Please feel free to learn more about me and vote if you want. Thanks!

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Hey guys im alfino

Choose me and vote me up

Why ?? I have experience on node operator in Peaq, Sub Query and Also Akash

C yangheerss up and have a great days all

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Hey guys! Please vote for me :pray:


Hello My Name Dwi

Choose me and vote me up please

Hello My Name Dwi

Check link, plz. broken link?

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