Community Voting for AIT-2 Validator Selection

Hello iam dexa from indonesia, I have been a node operator for 1 year now. very happy to join the aptos validator, unfortunately when my ATI1 was not eligible, I hope this ATI2 can make me eligible.

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Hi colleagues, especially everyone who sits at the monitor for 12 hours a day and earns an honest living doing useful work for projects.
I want to become a validator. Thank you in advance for your votes. Doing a vote for everyone!

Discord hell0men#0694

Hi there Aptos validators!
My name is Aleks, my discord nickname jzlgzesmxk#5265
I live at Far East of Russia, on cost of Japan sea.
This is my validator profile, feel free to vote :hugs:

HI! My Name Fadli and my ValidatorID Idekubagus
im an active discord community ch Indonesia.
My basic is an IT programmer.
im from Indonesia and i love Blogging.

Please Vote Me Here

i really apreciated your help.


My name is Ivan. I am from Yakutia. I have an education as a programmer and additionally engaged in web development. I’ve been working with nodes for over a year. I want to learn the promising move language and immerse myself in blockchain development.

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Discord handle mr#9464.
Telegram @tarabukinivan
Account address be50fdcd365e0618a1890a4e4458c6093a0998f8dccd6063c1b59eda9f97d9d8
Participated in the first phase of the testnet aptos and participate in 20 different test networks.
I know how to work on Linux, network setup, iptables, I understand the architecture of the validator, sentry.

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Intro in post above!

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Hi Aptos Community my name is Alex ! I’m really happy to take part in Aptos Incentivized Testnet 2. Hope I will be able to be among the lucky ones chosen :slight_smile:

Hello, my name is Fadhli, i hope i can participate in AIT 2, please vote my post

thank you :smile:

Hello! My name is Mikhail and below you can find a description of me and my IT experience.
But in a nutshell:

  • 2 yearis in crypto community
  • Studying in one of the best IT universities of my country
  • Broad experience in node operating and linux usage
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Please vote for me! thanks

Hi, i am matthias and i just posted my AIT2 community voting post!

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[AIT2] Yurbason

Experience in the field of information technology for over 15 years. Since 2019 has successfully participated in many testnets. I support the work of my validators on MainNet networks (Yurbason moniker - Certik, Fetch.Ai, Gravity-Bridge, FirmaChain, Solana, Marlin, Nym MixNode, Juno)
In my work I use only high-quality VPS\Dedicated Servers from well-known and reliable data centers - OVH, Hetzner, Vultr. I use zabbix to monitor infrastructure.
Individual user. Yurbason#0834 (English\Russian)

Hello everyone. My name is Eugene! I have been familiar with blockchain and cryptocurrencies for about 2 years. I am well versed in Linux. I speak English. I think I should become a validator, because I am responsible for my equipment and know my business:sunglasses:

Hello :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: My name is Arzu. Being a validator is my favorite job! I am a validator of other test networks. I use servers from the best data centers, and any problems will be fixed in a short time!!!

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Hello Aptos! I am ready to introduce myself to you as a validator! I have been familiar with blockchain and cryptocurrencies for about three years! I like this field of activity, and I have devoted all my free time to it. I use only the best equipment, which allows me to be a good validator!!!