Community Voting for AIT-2 Validator Selection

I’m happy to be here early with Aptos Community.
Here is the link to vote for me:

Thank and regards.


Hello brothers, please support me by voting here

Best regards.

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Hello all! My name is Lisa and Im a system administrator. I will be glad if you vote for me :wink:


Hey! Mike is here. Good luck to everybody!


Hi! Girls rules!

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Hi everyone! I’m a developer and I collaborate with my cousin (cyber security) to study, develop and run nodes!

Hope to be part of Aptos!

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TestNetRun is Turkey’s largest (about 6000 subscribers on Twitter and YouTube) and the most successful testnet community. As the TestNetRun team, we help our members learn the technical side of Blockchain, and we do this with Turkish training videos and written technical materials. We help our users to participate in various testnets of the Cosmos and Polkadot ecosystem and to move projects forward in their own networks. Since the day we were founded, we continue to grow and develop steadily. We’ve had several successes in the Cosmos and Polkadot ecosystem. We have our own explorer, snapshot, Auto compound and other services. We will continue to support our followers with all our channels in this area. :dizzy:

Greetings. I m DeFi addict and freedom seeker.

my name is Maria, and I will be glad to be choosen for the Aptos incentivized testnet 2. You can find more details about me by following the link above.

Have a good day!

Hi Aptosians. It will be a great honor for me to take part in the Aptos testnet. Over the past 2 years I’ve ran lots of nodes such as The Graph, Solana mainnet validator, Nym, Casper, Penumbra, Starknet, SSV, Forta etc.

Hello. I’m Svetlana. Over the past year I’ve ran lots of nodes and I have some experience in this. I will be very happy if you vote for me.

Hello. I’m Olga from Ukraine. I have more than 2 years experience in crypto area. I have run many nodes and validator such projects like Archway, Mina Protocol, Graph protocol, Keep Network, Aptos, Agoric, Celestia, Prnumbra, Aleo, Spacemesh, Quai, StarkNet, OmniFlix, BitCountry, AssetMantle, HydraDX, KYVE, Subsocial and etc. I did many tasks for different Ambassador Programs (Moonbeam, Goldfinch, Graph, Keep). I did graphic design, arts, and translations of articles.

Hi, I’m Elena. And I’ve lost sleep since I missed the first stage of Aptos.

Hi guys. I’m really crazy of Aptos and I want to take part in the testnet. Vote for me pls.

Hi there. I’m Aigars from Latvia. I’m study computer science in university and participate in many testnets. Will be happy to be a part of Aptos.

Hi. I’m Valdis from Latvia. Have lots of experience in codding and node running, and I want to take part in Aptos AIT2.

I’m experienced node runner since 2020. Have already participated in 30+ testnets like Solana, The Graph, Ironfish, Aleo, NYM, SSV, Moonbeam, Casper and others.


Hi guys. I’m Tomas and I’m noderunner. Since I ran my first node I’ve lost my mind and can’t do anything else. Support my addiction and vote for me please.