Community Voting for AIT-2 Validator Selection

Thank you for leading the way! Cheers.


Thanks for vote! Cheers.


hey vote me on…

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Hello, i hope i will meet your requirements !


Vote bro

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If you interested with me pls vote me :slight_smile:
feel free to contact me anytime. I will help as best I can.

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hi guys thanks for vote :love_you_gesture:

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Hi, i’m Pramono Utomo, a crypto learner and investor since 2013, an application coder for both personal and corporate, I’m from Indonesia, I have a YouTube channel that is still small but contains blockchain technology, crypto and online finance.
i’m also run some coin nodes like Banano, Raicoin, Paw and more. not just run nodes, but also developing some apps using the nodes.

visit me on

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[AIT2] Validator Gary Community Voting for AIT-2 Validator Selection

I am Gary, a blockchain engineer, I once worked as a backend software engineer and DevOps engineer, and once maintained a lot of blockchain full nodes.

It is my GitHub account GitHub - garysdevil/ITNote: 计算机技术笔记:编程开发、系统运维、网络知识、安全知识 IT Note: programming\system_admin\devops\network\secure

It is my Grafana account, maybe you once used my k8s dashboard kube-state-metrics-v2 dashboard for Grafana | Grafana Labs

I provide a Chinese deploy instruction (验证者节点中文部署教程) Aptos项目申请参加AIT2激励测试网教程–Docker方式部署验证者节点 — garysdevil

I am building my personal website

Vote me, Aptos to the moon! [AIT2] Validator Gary

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[AIT2] RamaNode Validator

Hello, my name is Rama. I am from Indonesia. I have 10+ years of IT experience, since Vocational High School till now.

I love testnet and already participate on many testnet events before, such like AssetMantle, Sui, Seid, Paloma, SubQuery, CryptoBots, NodeDAO, Meson Network, SyncSwap, TideChain, Sukhavati, Diva, Cables, Subspace, Juno, Kava, Sifchain and many more!

Also, I have many servers that ready to run many nodes and projects. So, I have many backup plan to do if something bad happened on my main server.

My crypto channel : Telegram


Validator Name: Terminet
Terminet is a professional Staking and ecosystem service provider
We are looking forward to joining the Aptos test network as a validator, and we believe the Aptos network will bring new changes to the whole blockchain industry. We plan to grow with Aptos.
Thanks for vote! Cheers


Aptos gonna be hugeeeee



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  1. Validator Profile

HashQuark is a top-tier crypto infra service provider. As development of the crypto industry speeds up and innovations emerge continuously, HashQuark is committed to providing secure, stable, highly-efficient and transparent infrastructure products including Staking, Lightning Network etc. based on public blockchains such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dfinity, and Polkadot.

HashQuark plays a leading role in Asia and beyond, and has partnered with many
renowned Crypto exchanges, custodians, wallets and institutions to provide them with stable returns and efficient services.

  1. Other info:
    Project Name: HashQuark;
    Location: Hongkong;
    Languaes: English, Chinese.

  2. Governance
    We actively participate in the governance of almost all of our networks. For example, we are the member of NEAR Validator Advisory Board and Klaytn governance council, and discuss with official team about the PoS design.

  3. Social Media:
    Twitter : @HashQuark
    Telegram: @Johndongxie
    Discord: john xie#8674

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