Community Voting for AIT-2 Validator Selection

Hi all, Community node from Cryptoverse Community here. Please vote.

Hi all, Community node from Cryptoverse Community here. Please vote.

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Hello world,
My name is Nguyen Viet Tuan. I am full stack developer.

Hey guys, please kindly check my info :smiley:

Pavel, Minner-NodeRunner-DevOps
just read it!

Hello my name is Anton i am an experienced validator. I am very excited of the power of Aptos blockchain and want to become a part of it’s growing. Please vote for me here

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Hi guys, I am glad to see you all here. My name is Tanya and it would be great if you will vote for me and my account))) Here is the link to my profile

Hey guys , #_One Validators, crypto fan since 2018, investing, mining and validating for other projects as well. 100% uptime and success rate with AIT1.

Vote me up!

Please don’t be sad if not chosen this time

Hello everyone. My name is Bogdan.
I have extensive experience in installing, configuring and maintaining nodes for about two years. I love learning new things and sharing my knowledge.
I have worked and continue to work with Solana, Network, Desmos, Galaxy, NYM, IronFish, Casper, Moonbeam, Masa Finance, Hopr, Massa projects.
I want to start cooperation with the project, I will be useful based on my experience.
Thanks for support. Vote for me

Hello everyone!

I have a strong mix of skills in the areas of computer networking, cryptography, and algorithms and data structures. But I also have experience with one specific type of blockchain, the node operator.

I hope to be able to join the Aptos network and get your upvotes, thank you!

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In the attached post I wrote all about myself - I will be glad if you read and share your reactions. I wish you all the best of luck!

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I have in-depth experience in operating validator systems for projects like SubQuery, Oasis, Celestia, Forta,… My node system is always active and uptime and I can continuously optimize to improve the performance of my node.

Thank you so much for your votes!!!

Hello blockchainers!
Please visit my profile & love your vote!

please vote for me because I am from China and in China supporting web3 is not that easy.

Please support me because setup node for a screenwriter is not that easy, besides, I am from China and pro-web3