Community Voting for AIT-2 Validator Selection

Hello, Aptosians!
My name is Ben and I represent CryptoChecker Community in VietNam.
we have a great experience in::

  • Crypto ( Online Marketing services, with a focus on Cryptocurrency, MMO, and Digital Asset. )
  • Node Operator: Running node MassaNetwork, Axelar, Starknet,… .

Technical details: If I win AIT2, the node will upgrade to 16 core 32GB RAM, 2000GB SSD

Please vote for us! Thank you everyone

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My name is Mikhail. I am burning and living the cryptoindustry, I am very passionate about it. More details in my post. Here i will just say that i use server in japan and internet is veeeeeery fast there)

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Hello. I want to join for AIT2 testnet APTOS project. My name is Agustirani, called Rani. Here just call Codex. Vote me to get the AIT2 slot.

Hello community
In my background i have projects like Aleo, Kujira, DWS, DeFund, Kyve, MassBit, SubQuery, SubSpace and more!
I would really enjoy supporting Aptos with my experience and go along together to succesful mainnet

See you in AIT2!

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Thanks for your vote :star_struck:

greeting ! younп boy with big ambitions !

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Hello, following the project for some time know, didn’t make it to AIT1, hope this time i’ll get the chance!


Hello ! Yana, Borisov with you !



I’m Marc, a 33 yo french developer passionate about cryptos and blockchain technology.
For my work, i have a longtime partnership with Scaleway (dedicated server hoster) who help me to manage my clients server with an uptime > 99%. That give me the opportunity to have a quality node hosted to help the securisation of the aptos blockchain.

Thank you for reading and helping me


println!(“Hello World!”);
Previously I operated nodes such as Casper, The Graph, Iron Fish, Gear, Moonbeam, Evmos and etc. You can find out more about me in attached post.
I would be grateful if you vote for me! :relieved:


I love distributed verification technology. I think blockchain technology is the future. I actively participated in the testing of Aptos and Forta. I will always run Aptos nodes and contribute to distributed verification technology.


Of course, we are happy when we are chosen, with a release of serotonin, it remains only to direct them to the team channel and where without mistakes, you need to be able to see the ultimate goal already achieved, a successful project that everyone needs.


Revolution is here :space_invader:

  • My name is Neo, and I am 20 years old and from Asia. I am a crypto enthusiast. I enjoy the independence, the opportunity to try new things, working as a freelancer, and learning about programming and Blockchain projects. I work for a blockchain startup. With my four years of experience, I’ve worked on node operations in a variety of projects such as Moonbeam, Massa, and Subspace…

  • Beng Beng Gaming, is where I work. Address : Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City. Beng Beng Gaming is a crypto media agency specializing in Gamefi, Metaverse and NFT. (Beng Beng Gaming | Linktree )

  • I am delighted to join and contribute to the project in various capacities. This time, I hope the AIT2 event is a huge success and that many people attend.

  • My Social Media Channel:

  • Discord: Neo | BengBengGaming#8336

  • Instagram: toitenneo_

[AIT2] Validator TCat - Node Operations - Aptos (

Interested will it read somebody !

Hi! this is starmap, a PhD student.

I had experience with:

  • Unix scripting, running large scale remote experiment (machine learning etc)
  • Running node for other cryptocurrency such as QRL
  • Web dev, learning solidity
  • Experienced Web3 player/moderator, excellent communication skill
  • Speaks English, Mandarin, Japanese
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waiting for the results

Hi all, Community node from Cryptoverse Community here. Please vote.