Community Voting for AIT-2 Validator Selection

vote for me, I will be glad to continue working with the project

Good afternoon, everyone!

I’m an economist involved in research of marketing and strategic management, advised brands on media planning during the last 3 years. Also, many people know me as the Community Champions representative at Goldfinch. Having a background in blockchain project management as well as technical experience, I would like to combine these parameters to effectively help all new members of the Aptos community.

Umee, Iron Fish (also I’m an ambassador), Masa Finance (+ Community Manager), Nym, StarkNet — these are just some of the projects I was technically involved.

We’re going to do a great job with you! :alien:

Hi! my name is Ksenia. vote for me.


Hi! vote for me.


Would love to participate

Hello. A team of 2 responsible people will be happy to participate in Phase 2

My topic

hello i am rafflesianodeX . Let’s discuss future technology. I’m interested in interesting ideas

Thanks for your vote!

Thanks for your vote! :smile:

Together we are strong, I believe that Aptos with your help will be on top! It is a great pleasure for us to participate in the development of this project!


Your votes appreciated!

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Hi, I’m Vitalii, I like running nodes and would like to participate in Aptos testnet. Please Vote more me, Thank you!

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[AIT2] nomadnode

Halo, I’m bachelor degree in technology, you can call me “nomad” its come from nomad by Hashicorp since I learn docker and kubernetes and its also refers to nomadic… my experience is managing small servers on public cloud and nowdays I’m learner for AWS course because in next week I will take an exam for associate level, for now I already have azure, gcp, aws certification fundamentals credly. My previous joined testnet paloma and forta.

  • General information: Website =, Location = South East Asia, Languages = English
  • Communication Channels = nomad#7617
  • Technical Details, The validator node running on AWS infrastructure in Mumbai, India. Server specification is c6g.xlarge 4 vCpus 8 Memory(GiB) Network upto 10 gigabit, storage General Purpose SSD (gp3) - IOPS 3000, storage amount 300 GB

Little brief about me and the node…

Hello Aptos community!

  • My Shtihmas validator! I speak from a small closed community MT_Group!
  • Now it’s not enough just to be an experienced node-runner! Now, need a team that handles quickly emerging issues and problems! And this team as independent guys is what we are :slight_smile: (languages RU, ENG)
  • Discord communication: Shtihmas#9582 TG: @Shtihmas
  • Technical details: I use VDS and dedicated servers (based on request) and we have enough funds to finance them.

Let’s do nice :slight_smile:

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Hello and thanks for the vote!

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Hello all! I am crypto-enthusiast from Ukraine :ukraine:
I will be very glad if you support me with your vote! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hi, greetings from Ukraine) I hope you will support me by voting