Community Voting for AIT-2 Validator Selection

Please vote for me! thanks

Hi, i am matthias and i just posted my AIT2 community voting post!

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[AIT2] Yurbason

Experience in the field of information technology for over 15 years. Since 2019 has successfully participated in many testnets. I support the work of my validators on MainNet networks (Yurbason moniker - Certik, Fetch.Ai, Gravity-Bridge, FirmaChain, Solana, Marlin, Nym MixNode, Juno)
In my work I use only high-quality VPS\Dedicated Servers from well-known and reliable data centers - OVH, Hetzner, Vultr. I use zabbix to monitor infrastructure.
Individual user. Yurbason#0834 (English\Russian)

Hello everyone. My name is Eugene! I have been familiar with blockchain and cryptocurrencies for about 2 years. I am well versed in Linux. I speak English. I think I should become a validator, because I am responsible for my equipment and know my business:sunglasses:

Hello :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: My name is Arzu. Being a validator is my favorite job! I am a validator of other test networks. I use servers from the best data centers, and any problems will be fixed in a short time!!!

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Hello Aptos! I am ready to introduce myself to you as a validator! I have been familiar with blockchain and cryptocurrencies for about three years! I like this field of activity, and I have devoted all my free time to it. I use only the best equipment, which allows me to be a good validator!!!


My name as Sergei. I’m from Helsinki, Finland.

More information about me can be found on forum post:

Hello everyone!!! I have a lot of experience in the field of information technology, which allows me to be an excellent validator! I use only top-end equipment, I am ready to eliminate any problems in the shortest possible time!

hello APTOS community, let me introduce myself
my name is alfan and my callsign is frosty
i’m Co-Founder of Teman Crypto Indonesia
i have been in crypto space for 2 years
i live in Indonesia and i can speak indonesia and english fluently

i’m very exited about this project and i want to support it as well

My name is Stanislav.

I have extensive experience in:
Cryptocurrency (investment, mining),
IT (using Linux since 2000, worked as a DevOps engineer, web developer).

I am from Kyiv, I speak Russian, Ukrainian and English.

Good afternoon Aptos! You should choose me as a validator, since this is my hobby and work and I dedicate all my free time to this! I use only the best equipment. I’m responsible! Ready to respond quickly to all problems and solutions!

Salute to everyone! I have been working with cryptocurrencies for more than 7 years! I have a lot of troubleshooting experience! I am also a validator of the main network in different networks! Any possible problems can be fixed in the shortest possible time!!!

Good day! I will be able to help in testing this project and give feedback to developers and the community! My equipment will make it easy to implement! I have been working with cryptocurrencies for more than 5 years)

Hello, Aptos Community!
We all know that the world demand a person to be multi-skilled because the ability to adapt to changes in market conditions. I’m from nuclear engineering sphere, focused on radiation safety and protection. Also, in the past years i learn about blockchain technology, investment and finance. I love how complexity of the communication skill to work with a team, but i enjoy it so much. I found Aptos from 2 weeks ago, i wish i know earlier. I’m sure that in this community full of great, smart, and intellegent person, and i wish i can be part of it.
Best regards!

Help vote so that all who successfully run node and complete KYC also get rewarded. :muscle:

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Hello, my name is Andrian. I’m from Moldova.
In crypto since october 2017, in node running since 2018. I am a confident Linux (debian and ubuntu) user and unix-based systems, with over 6 years of experience. I use the terminal on a daily basis for different tasks. I have experience in programming (c, php, python, javascript), and working with databases (sql and mongodb). For node monitoring i use graphana+prometheus.
I have participated in:

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Hi Aptos people!

Hope to help provide infrastructure and validator from :australia:

Currently using various cloud/VPS providers (with servers in Oceanic/Australian locations), but am building my own private server infrastructure out of Sydney, Australia.

Good to be here supporting the Aptos community, please send an upvote!