Community Voting for AIT-2 Validator Selection

Aptos gonna be hugeeeee

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  1. Validator Profile

HashQuark is a top-tier crypto infra service provider. As development of the crypto industry speeds up and innovations emerge continuously, HashQuark is committed to providing secure, stable, highly-efficient and transparent infrastructure products including Staking, Lightning Network etc. based on public blockchains such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dfinity, and Polkadot.

HashQuark plays a leading role in Asia and beyond, and has partnered with many
renowned Crypto exchanges, custodians, wallets and institutions to provide them with stable returns and efficient services.

  1. Other info:
    Project Name: HashQuark;
    Location: Hongkong;
    Languaes: English, Chinese.

  2. Governance
    We actively participate in the governance of almost all of our networks. For example, we are the member of NEAR Validator Advisory Board and Klaytn governance council, and discuss with official team about the PoS design.

  3. Social Media:
    Twitter : @HashQuark
    Telegram: @Johndongxie
    Discord: john xie#8674

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Hello iam dexa from indonesia, I have been a node operator for 1 year now. very happy to join the aptos validator, unfortunately when my ATI1 was not eligible, I hope this ATI2 can make me eligible.

Hi colleagues, especially everyone who sits at the monitor for 12 hours a day and earns an honest living doing useful work for projects.
I want to become a validator. Thank you in advance for your votes. Doing a vote for everyone!

Discord hell0men#0694

Hi there Aptos validators!
My name is Aleks, my discord nickname jzlgzesmxk#5265
I live at Far East of Russia, on cost of Japan sea.
This is my validator profile, feel free to vote :hugs:

HI! My Name Fadli and my ValidatorID Idekubagus
im an active discord community ch Indonesia.
My basic is an IT programmer.
im from Indonesia and i love Blogging.

Please Vote Me Here

i really apreciated your help.

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My name is Ivan. I am from Yakutia. I have an education as a programmer and additionally engaged in web development. I’ve been working with nodes for over a year. I want to learn the promising move language and immerse myself in blockchain development.

Discord handle mr#9464.
Telegram @tarabukinivan
Account address be50fdcd365e0618a1890a4e4458c6093a0998f8dccd6063c1b59eda9f97d9d8
Participated in the first phase of the testnet aptos and participate in 20 different test networks.
I know how to work on Linux, network setup, iptables, I understand the architecture of the validator, sentry.

Intro in post above!

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Hi Aptos Community my name is Alex ! I’m really happy to take part in Aptos Incentivized Testnet 2. Hope I will be able to be among the lucky ones chosen :slight_smile:

Hello, my name is Fadhli, i hope i can participate in AIT 2, please vote my post

thank you :smile:

Hello! My name is Mikhail and below you can find a description of me and my IT experience.
But in a nutshell:

  • 2 yearis in crypto community
  • Studying in one of the best IT universities of my country
  • Broad experience in node operating and linux usage

Please vote for me! thanks

Hi, i am matthias and i just posted my AIT2 community voting post!

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[AIT2] Yurbason

Experience in the field of information technology for over 15 years. Since 2019 has successfully participated in many testnets. I support the work of my validators on MainNet networks (Yurbason moniker - Certik, Fetch.Ai, Gravity-Bridge, FirmaChain, Solana, Marlin, Nym MixNode, Juno)
In my work I use only high-quality VPS\Dedicated Servers from well-known and reliable data centers - OVH, Hetzner, Vultr. I use zabbix to monitor infrastructure.
Individual user. Yurbason#0834 (English\Russian)

Hello everyone. My name is Eugene! I have been familiar with blockchain and cryptocurrencies for about 2 years. I am well versed in Linux. I speak English. I think I should become a validator, because I am responsible for my equipment and know my business:sunglasses: