Community Voting for AIT-2 Validator Selection

Hello. I have been running nodes professionally for almost two years now.


Aptos is a beautiful and promising project, come on

Hey Aptos! Hope you need experienced validators to show some uptime & commitment :slight_smile:

Thank you very much to the administrator for helping me unfreeze my account so that I have the opportunity to participate in the verification vote, thank you

My name is Bao. Im from Vietnam
I am a blockchain developer and Im very interested in running an Aptos node validator.
I hope that I can help to develope Aptos blockchain.

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Hello! I Am a head of IT department.
I glad to be a part of Aptos team.

My name is Raps I am from Moldova My experience as a node operator is more than 1 year. During this time I have worked with the following projects: Hopr, HydraDX, Aleo, Solana, Casper, Nym, Forta, Moonbeam, Ironfish, Penumbra, Massa, Masa Finance, Starknet, Minima, KiChain, Bit .Nym and others. I constantly monitor the servers to make sure everything is good.

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I hope I’m not late with this.
here’s my link [AIT2] Validator Splicemeister

I always make a copy of my repositories, and also keep a folder in a safe place with the keys so that I can restore the wallet. In the event of a data center failure, I have alternative options. I use several server services (hetzner, ikoula, vultr).

good idea[quote=“james, post:1, topic:70, full:true”]
Why pick my validator?


  • Brief description, background, experience, and key achievements (~500 characters)
  • General information: Organization Name, Website, Location, Languages
  • Communication Channels, Aptos Articles + Tools
  • Technical Details (maybe just a paragraph about infrastructure)

good idea

yes tôi đồng ý và mong bạn hãy cho tôi nhiều thông tin hơn . cảm ơn bạn

why iam not eligibe to claim airdrop??? sad

cố gắng phát triển

Me gusto la aplicación tanto en discord como en la red de aptos