Community Voting for AIT-2 Validator Selection

Hi from :ukraine:!

Hello, I am Korean. It has been a year since I have been interested in blockchain. I have experienced many projects and decided to focus on blockchain. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to experience Aptos, a promising project.

My Contributions to Aptos Community
Set-up and run validator for AIT-2.
Validator node IP:

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Hi, my name is Dmitry, or Dmitry_D. I am from Ukraine, born in the city of Kharkiv, now I live in the city of Kyiv. I have been working in IT for 5 years, managing teams, experience working with products, and outsourcing. Aptos is my first “real” blockchain project in which I participate, and I consider it quite interesting from the point of view of teaching and developing the crypto of the world.

Hi! my name is Nicola, it is a pleasure to meet you

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This is Kaos, check my post and you can verify my professionalism, vote for me.

Hi everyone,
Consider voting for my validator! Thanks.

Please vote for me, thank you very much!

Hey buddies, nice to meet you. My name is Roman and I like what’s going on here.

Please, spend few minutes to take a look on my intro) I’ll be very greatful for that.
And don’t hesitate to vote if you like it)

Hey guys) Please check out my post!

please vote for me I’m serious about crypto and node hosting [AIT2] Lankou validator

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Hello all. I will be glad if you check my profile. :wink:


Hi! My name is Pavel I am an experienced validator! I joined the cryptosphere 2 years ago and now I am actively validating top projects and developing in this direction!

Speak English, Ukrainian and Russian


I use VDS and dedicated servers (8-16 cores / raid1)
Europe location

Have a nice day

I’m happy to be here early with Aptos Community.
Here is the link to vote for me:

Thank and regards.


Hello brothers, please support me by voting here

Best regards.

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Hello all! My name is Lisa and Im a system administrator. I will be glad if you vote for me :wink:


Hey! Mike is here. Good luck to everybody!