Community Voting for AIT-2 Validator Selection

I am a testnets and mainnet validator, active community member
Choose decentralization instead of money

Hello Aptos Community
I’ll try myself as a validator to Aptos project

Hope to see you all in AIT2

Vote for me!
My name is Ivan, i am from Russia. I am a associate Director of web-studio “Creators Group”, we are engaged in the creation of websites and advertising on the Internet. Zeitgeist Head Ambassador (EU & RU)

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[AIT2] Arseniy ૮ ˶ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ˶ ა

Hi community!

My name is Arseniy. I’m on Arch Linux with i3 and into blockchain very much. I’m using reliable datacenters and I know how to be a good validator. Please upvote me.

In Aptos we trust!

I believe Aptos it’s a GEM💎


My name is Jake.

Quick notes about me.

Founder of Rayuba Nodes
Head of Research at Xangle
Ex-Samsung consultant with experience in enterprise blockchain solutions

I am from South Korea, and I speak Korean and English.

My infra: I usually run my nodes via AWS, Vultr, and Contabo. I also run Grafana/Prometheus for monitoring.

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Hello! I am a haed of project department in IT company.
I am glad to see each of you in our warm community!

Hi there!
Let’s make Aptos great project together :heart_eyes:

Upper you can read information about me
Thanks for your attention

Wish good luck for everybody here :melting_face:


Hello, Aptosians!
My name is Ben and I represent CryptoChecker Community in VietNam.
we have a great experience in::

  • Crypto ( Online Marketing services, with a focus on Cryptocurrency, MMO, and Digital Asset. )
  • Node Operator: Running node MassaNetwork, Axelar, Starknet,… .

Technical details: If I win AIT2, the node will upgrade to 16 core 32GB RAM, 2000GB SSD

Please vote for us! Thank you everyone

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My name is Mikhail. I am burning and living the cryptoindustry, I am very passionate about it. More details in my post. Here i will just say that i use server in japan and internet is veeeeeery fast there)

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Hello. I want to join for AIT2 testnet APTOS project. My name is Agustirani, called Rani. Here just call Codex. Vote me to get the AIT2 slot.

Hello community
In my background i have projects like Aleo, Kujira, DWS, DeFund, Kyve, MassBit, SubQuery, SubSpace and more!
I would really enjoy supporting Aptos with my experience and go along together to succesful mainnet

See you in AIT2!

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Thanks for your vote :star_struck: