Community Voting for AIT-2 Validator Selection

ATTENTION, please read and give questions

Please vote for me. Thank you.


Hi! Helen from Polland want to be part of this vibe and move

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Hi all!
We are hoping to be accepted as an Aptos validator run out of Iceland. Highly capable team with extensive experience and connections within the blockchain industry, we are Bitcoin miners, members of the board of the Icelandic Blockchain Foundation, investors and co-founders of the first and only cryptocurrency investment fund in Iceland.

the GreenBlocks team

So many validators and forms ! But also wonder a little your vote!

Heya guys, this is my node! Please consider voting me up :slight_smile:

I will always be there to help anyone out and happy to share my knowledge. I’m running nodes for other blockchains as well.

If anyone is interested in Philosophy, I’m your man. Currently listening through a podcast series on Plato’s republic that I can strongly recommend.
I’m down to geek in on:
Philosophy, Vim, Arch Linux, Programming, and several other very nerdy topics.

I’m new to the validator scene but I have 5+ years experience in development and system infrastructure applied to SaaS platforms in big pharma industry. All the security and best-practice that I use at work are applied to my validator, and my experience as validator grow continuously thanks to the friends of this great community!

Thanks !

Hi, i am a senior dev & sysadmin from Singapore. Experienced in running multiple nodes and validators for other L1. Thanks for whoever voted me <3

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hello, you can call me el :slight_smile:
vote for the barbie node :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart_eyes:

Hi, I am a senior developer & sysadmin from Malaysia. Thanks for voting for my thread. Appreciate it a lot.


hello from Korea. Pls pick me a validator for adding some passions to Aptos communtiy and ecosystem, Thx.

Hello from Japan! Please vote for Castor validator!

Hi Ruyisu! Please add a link to your thread.

Hello Aptos community.

I am individual validator from Kazakhstan. I work in cybersecurity and system administration for about 10 years. Participation in crypto testnets for about 1,5 years.

Installed two nodes: Validator and Full nodes.

Validator Node : Kazakhstan, Almaty.

Hardware: 4 vCPU / 8 GB RAM / 400 GB SSD / 1 Gb/s | increase if necessary


Full Node : Germany, Düsseldorf.

Hardware: 4 vCPU / 8 GB RAM / 200 GB SSD / 1 Gb/s | Increase if necessary


Please vote for M10N validator!

Hi we’re BlockPI team. BlockPI Network is a distributed multi-chain acceleration layer. And our team is running as a staking service portal and validator. We have over 4 years experience of providing one-stop blockchain staking on-chain data, public chain node construction technology, node operation and maintenance services. Currently, we are validator on Cosmos, Near, Polkadot, Oasis, Mina, Agoric, Graph, Certik, Horizen, Kusama, Stafi, Desmos, Harmony, Irisnet, IoTeX, Regen, Platon, Stargaze and so on.

Organization Name: BlockPI Network
Location: Asia UTC+8
Languages: English, Chinese



Technical Details:
We’re experienced node operator and infrastructure provider. Currently running 1000+ blockchain nodes worldwidely. We have already build the biggest distributed RPC nodes network on Klaytn and aiming to expand to Aptos to serve more user and developer in the future.

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[AIT2] paranoid

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Hey Friends!

Could you vote for me :D. Thanks!

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