Community Voting for AIT-2 Validator Selection

[AIT2] pickn1ck

Hello, fellas! I’m learning JS and Python, participant of a many testnets, like: Casper, Cere, Ironfish, Massa, Masa finance, Minima, Humanode, Sui, Quai, Subspace, Forta, Subquery, Starknet, Penumbra, KYVE, Aptos.
Feel free to vote me :wink:


Vote for most valuable participant

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I’m operating highly secure, fast and stable validator nodes for many mainnet and testnet blockchains, which are managed by experienced professional.
I’ve been operating validator nodes since May 2019, and I’ve acquired valuable experience in these 3 years. Polleoalex ( Validator )

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Hello everyone, I really want to participate in the Aptos testnet, I promise to be a responsible and honest validar, by voting for me you will definitely not regret it.)

I started launching nodes in March, therefore I have not entered the mainnet yet. However, the field of network support turned out to be fairly easy to me due to my educational background. I am currently taking two degrees at once in the leading university of my country: first one in “network administration” specialization and the second one as a “software developer”. As a result I possess a profound knowledge of the topic and I am familiar with its peculiarities.

Homelabbing validator, gimme a thumbs up if you love hw!


Hello. I’m Oleksandra

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I have a 20-year work experience as a programmer, from 2020 to 2022 I worked in an audit company to check smart contracts. I have been supporting the nodes on the network for a little more than a year and a half. Behind more than 10 passes in the main network with a delegation from the project team for successful participation in the testnets. I think this speaks not only about my technical skills, but also about the previous experience of contact with crypto.


Hey everyone, let’s get building! I’ve years of experience as a developer and am happy to contribute to Aptos. Read my post for more. Thank you!


Experienced validator/node runner with experience from over ten projects. Check out for more. =)

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My introduction

Hi gyus, couple words about myself :slight_smile:

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Hello, my name is Yaroslav, I am an active member of the node community, I have a lot of experience in checking and installing nodes, in total I have participated in more than 20 projects and would be happy to contribute to the Aptos project

My name is Vladislav. I have been in crypto since 2017.

  • I invest in cryptocurrencies

  • Operations with nodes

  • IT-specialist

I’m from Ukraine, I speak 3, I’ll be glad to meet you)

I’m highly skilled individual in running validators, and different areas of expertise from cyber security to Linux kernel development.

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Aptos communitiy is great! :heart:

Thank you for your support! :slight_smile:

Went a little bit lyrical there

Hey everyone. Trying to become active in the community. I have good experience in both software usage but also In running nodes itself. Ran nodes for quite a long time, and wishing to be able to become part of Aptos too.