Community Voting for AIT-2 Validator Selection

Hi ! I’m Oliver! I have a lot of experience in the node area! Can also help you! Discord: Oli#1731

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Hi everyone! I’m the girl)) May I please participate in the testnet?) I work as a devops engineer and have a lot of experience in the IT area! Thanks guys!!!

I hope everyone can build APTOS together, this is the people I have seen who really care for the community! wish us success

Greetings! I’m Viacheslav, as everyone else here wanna to participate in AIT :slight_smile:

I have pretty lot of experience in development, so I’m able to maintain my node and report bugs.
Wish good luck everyone!

HI guys! I’m a super-mega-validator. Why? Read my post and you’ll find out.

Hey! My name is Kate and I work as a QA Engineer.
Hope my validator will be selected for the next round!

Hi Aptos communnity. I wish everyone good luck and vote for my validator :vulcan_salute:


Hi everyone

I want to try to participate in the tightness and I will be grateful for your votes

Here is my topic

I’ve hired this person before for a few projects and I must say he is a true professional! Always found creative and effective ways to solve problems and avoid new ones, provided concise feedback that allowed us to streamline our project and achieve much more with less! That being said, vote for him with confidence! Would like to run a node as well, have less experience in the field, but would be nice. Wishing everyone a wonderful thursday! :partying_face:

Hey everyone, please vote for me.


I am the DevSecOps team lead in a blockchain company with a great exp in different blockchain networks (Iroha, Polkadot, Kusama, Sora, Acala, Karura, Ironfish, Solana, Aptos, and much more) automated deployment and running validators, my stack is (Terraform, Ansible, Jenkins + shared libraries, k8s, helm, argoCD, ELK, Prometheus, and some own tools for backups and alerts). So the SLA of my validators is 99.9%
I speak english, chinese and spanish, my telegram account is Telegram: Contact @creed_dmitriy

I’m a girl and I’m a node runner)

I am Ukrainian and now more than ever I am ready to work, develop and develop myself.

Active Testnets:
Massa, Penumbra, Ironfish, Starknet, Minima, Masa-finance, Subspace, Sui and others.

good luck and strength to all!

[AIT2] pickn1ck

Hello, fellas! I’m learning JS and Python, participant of a many testnets, like: Casper, Cere, Ironfish, Massa, Masa finance, Minima, Humanode, Sui, Quai, Subspace, Forta, Subquery, Starknet, Penumbra, KYVE, Aptos.
Feel free to vote me :wink:


Vote for most valuable participant

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I’m operating highly secure, fast and stable validator nodes for many mainnet and testnet blockchains, which are managed by experienced professional.
I’ve been operating validator nodes since May 2019, and I’ve acquired valuable experience in these 3 years. Polleoalex ( Validator )

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Hello everyone, I really want to participate in the Aptos testnet, I promise to be a responsible and honest validar, by voting for me you will definitely not regret it.)

I started launching nodes in March, therefore I have not entered the mainnet yet. However, the field of network support turned out to be fairly easy to me due to my educational background. I am currently taking two degrees at once in the leading university of my country: first one in “network administration” specialization and the second one as a “software developer”. As a result I possess a profound knowledge of the topic and I am familiar with its peculiarities.

Homelabbing validator, gimme a thumbs up if you love hw!


Hello. I’m Oleksandra

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