Community Voting for AIT-2 Validator Selection

Hello. A team of 2 responsible people will be happy to participate in Phase 2

My topic

hello i am rafflesianodeX . Let’s discuss future technology. I’m interested in interesting ideas

Thanks for your vote!

Thanks for your vote! :smile:

Together we are strong, I believe that Aptos with your help will be on top! It is a great pleasure for us to participate in the development of this project!


Your votes appreciated!

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Hi, I’m Vitalii, I like running nodes and would like to participate in Aptos testnet. Please Vote more me, Thank you!

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[AIT2] nomadnode

Halo, I’m bachelor degree in technology, you can call me “nomad” its come from nomad by Hashicorp since I learn docker and kubernetes and its also refers to nomadic… my experience is managing small servers on public cloud and nowdays I’m learner for AWS course because in next week I will take an exam for associate level, for now I already have azure, gcp, aws certification fundamentals credly. My previous joined testnet paloma and forta.

  • General information: Website =, Location = South East Asia, Languages = English
  • Communication Channels = nomad#7617
  • Technical Details, The validator node running on AWS infrastructure in Mumbai, India. Server specification is c6g.xlarge 4 vCpus 8 Memory(GiB) Network upto 10 gigabit, storage General Purpose SSD (gp3) - IOPS 3000, storage amount 300 GB

Little brief about me and the node…

Hello Aptos community!

  • My Shtihmas validator! I speak from a small closed community MT_Group!
  • Now it’s not enough just to be an experienced node-runner! Now, need a team that handles quickly emerging issues and problems! And this team as independent guys is what we are :slight_smile: (languages RU, ENG)
  • Discord communication: Shtihmas#9582 TG: @Shtihmas
  • Technical details: I use VDS and dedicated servers (based on request) and we have enough funds to finance them.

Let’s do nice :slight_smile:

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Hello and thanks for the vote!

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Hello all! I am crypto-enthusiast from Ukraine :ukraine:
I will be very glad if you support me with your vote! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hi, greetings from Ukraine) I hope you will support me by voting

   [AIT2]   akyla  

Hi!My name is Max.I’ve been doing testing for more than a year.I have experience testing I go through many different projects cosmos and other projects that conduct testnet.

I know such a team, so my vote is yours!

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Thanks for you voite! :slight_smile:


Hello, everyone!

My name is Alex and I am Ukrainian.
Cryptocurrency interested me since 2018. Last year I was still active nod runner.

Active Testnets:
Massa, Penumbra, Ironfish, Starknet, Minima, Masa-finance, Subspace, Sui.

Discord: Aleksii#7167

Best of luck

hello everyone, my name is laser, from Romania, I have been engaged in network development for many years, and also very confident in maintaining nodes. hope u like and vote me ,thx .