Community Voting for AIT-2 Validator Selection

Hey guys! I really love Aptos and have some expirience participate in testnets and run nodes!
I will be very grateful to you for your vote!

Hi! My name is Alex. I followed Aptos project for a long time and would like to take part in current testnet!

hey folks, would appreciate any support from you

[ATI2] rockyvo from with love

Hi Aptos-ers!
My name is Rocky. I come from Vietnam, nice to meet you.
My background:

  • Graduated in Information Technology in 2011
  • Crypto (investing, mining since 2017)
    Native language is Vietnamese, i can speak English.

Technical details: i use VPS S SSD, Ubuntu 20.04 64 bit, 4 vCPU Cores, 8 GB RAM, 400 GB SSD, 32 TB Traffic Unlimited Incoming.


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vote for me, I will be glad to continue working with the project

Good afternoon, everyone!

I’m an economist involved in research of marketing and strategic management, advised brands on media planning during the last 3 years. Also, many people know me as the Community Champions representative at Goldfinch. Having a background in blockchain project management as well as technical experience, I would like to combine these parameters to effectively help all new members of the Aptos community.

Umee, Iron Fish (also I’m an ambassador), Masa Finance (+ Community Manager), Nym, StarkNet — these are just some of the projects I was technically involved.

We’re going to do a great job with you! :alien:

Hi! my name is Ksenia. vote for me.


Hi! vote for me.


Would love to participate

Hello. A team of 2 responsible people will be happy to participate in Phase 2

My topic

hello i am rafflesianodeX . Let’s discuss future technology. I’m interested in interesting ideas

Thanks for your vote!

Thanks for your vote! :smile:

Together we are strong, I believe that Aptos with your help will be on top! It is a great pleasure for us to participate in the development of this project!


Your votes appreciated!

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